Business Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I've been impressed with the breadth and depth of his grasp of managing the business operations while always looking out for the well being of his people.
Under his management, the company's operations flourished, and external business opportunities were achieved.
John is the quintessential example of what embodies a true operations manager and business partner.
He has a great ability to manage people and the overall operations of a business.
He was a perfect mix of people manager, business operator and value creator.
John is able to grow business opportunities, manage complex operations, and balance the dynamics of people management.
John established many partnerships and operated a very busy managed team.
He has a strong business sense and experience in operating a successful business.
He is highly skilled in both business management and operations.
He is well respected by the personnel that he supervises and by other managers in a competing business operation.
John goes above and beyond the strengths framework, because he also brings his expertise in business operations.
Since then he has helped me with setting up of two further business operations and made it so easy for me.
He just gets it, from intricate business challenges to the most difficult operational situations.
John's business acumen allows him to operate very lean, while maximizing results.
He operated with discipline by focusing on business priorities and results.
He was invaluable in helping me set up a new business operation.
John is truly a global business operator of the highest calibre.
I highly recommend him for any position of responsibility either as a business developer or operations manager.
He is an operations powerhouse, never missing a beat and managing his business as though he owned it.
He is a true globe trotter and can manage business operations for more than one country easily.
John was a manager that was completely in-tune with his business operation and his staff.
John is a business leader with outstanding operations and management capabilities.
While operating in difficult circumstances, he manages to motivate others to think about their own business and how to improve.
John can operate in either new-business or relationship management mode with clients.
John always managed to create a business where others thought there was none.
He is unusually perceptive and thoughtful in both business and management.
John was a terrific manager, and excellent business operator to learn from.
John conceived, created, and managed all of our marketing and business operations.
John is the kind of professional any business owner would want managing their operations.
When our business partnership began, he brought with him his outstanding skills, both in operation and management side of the business.
John is very experienced in logistics and warehouse operations and understands how to manage and leverage business operations.
John impressed me as a very knowledgeable business entrepreneur with an excellent mind for managing the details of business operations.
John is an advocate for operations, always looking for ways to manage risk, yet not impede the business.
He is very capable of both driving the change and managing operational large scale business.
Anyone who owns or operates a business and is looking for an edge in this hyper-competitive global business environment would do well to look into what he has to offer.
He has a great business sense and good knowledge of operations management, which he tactfully applies to take right business decisions.
He is very accurate in managing business operation and forecasting process from many countries.
He also operates very effectively in an international business environment.
John is an absolute pro when it comes to business strategy, operations and creative management.
This is a man who knows his business, people and operational staff.
He surrounds himself with people who know their business, and then trusts them to manage their daily operations efficiently and effectively.
John is a dedicated and sincere manager who understands both the people side of the business as well as operations.
He managed a diverse set of people and operated businesses with many different cultural challenges.
He travels to so many countries and manage the entire business operations all as one man army.
He operating attitude is refreshing to the business experience.
John has managed the operational and financial aspects of the business superbly, utilising his wealth of business experience.
He is excellent in business operations management, program and product management.
He was always very instrumental with the business and operation teams.
John knows how to help management teams to operate more effectively so you can grow a profitable business.
John is a seasoned business professional who keeps up with the dynamics of the business environment he operates in.
He is equally adept at managing people in business operations or managing complex programmes across business units and departments.
He understands the operational side of the business as well, which allows him to best harness the strengths of others and their capabilities.
We now prefer to deal with him, because of his understanding of our operations, what his business offers and how they best match.
John has impressed me with the in depth questions he has asked regarding operations, and the grasp he has on our business.
John is one of those unique hybrids in this business who delivers growth through operational excellence.
John sticks to his operating principles while remaining flexible to the needs and the style of the business.
John was never too busy to answer questions or to discuss some of the finer points of operations.
John is always surprising me every time we discuss business operations and leadership challenges.
He brought these strengths in creating some very good business and operational views.
John managed a complex business in many countries and with many cultures which has given him great operational exposure to many challenges.