Business Operations Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Operations Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He performed well within the given limitations that he was operating with & has the experience and the exposure on both operations and business which is mandatory for any business to grow in today's world.
I highly recommend him to all business owners and professionals that need help with their business operations.
I found him to be personable with the business acumen that would help any operation build business.
His insight into how major companies operate and their business needs are exceptional.
He has an excellent business sense while operating in the nonprofit marketplace.
John operates very much from his heart, and has an impeccable business sense also.
John is a mature operator who adds value across the business.
He has broad business experience which allows him to see the cause and effect across business operations when new ideas are proposed.
He is very knowledgeable about his business and all facets of its operation, and as a result, doing business with him is a pleasure.
John has in-depth knowledge and business acumen to handle many business operations in most countries around the world.
John is strategic and business savvy with a strong understanding of business operations and challenges.
He seamlessly transitioned between analytics and business operations.
John is a global business operator and understands the challenges that face the international business.
John showed a true understanding of the business operations and used his expertise to effectively further the business goals.
He never loses sight of the business goals he has to achieve and is in touch with the ground realities of business operations.
He was able to understand the operations side of the business while still doing a great job selling new business.
Finally, he was very strong on the operational side of the business as well.
John reveals an exceptional talent for transforming the way business operations influence business achievements.
He has the ability to understand all perspectives on innovation and business operations.
John expertly blends innovation with solid business operations.
John has an innate understanding of the business in which he operates and is able to explain the concepts that underpin his business with ease and grace.
He is a true all rounder in terms of business he clearly recognises the fundamentals of business strategy and operations.
John is a very accomplished business turn around specialist and entrepreneur.
He's a specialist of e-commerce and is not on his first successful business.
John is your go to specialist for banking needs for small businesses.
He is very intelligent and understands how businesses operate to be successful.
He is pragmatic about the business and operates with the highest integrity.
He operates his business with integrity and stands behind him word.
John has integrity and operates his business with good ethics.
John is an all around business systems and operations expert.
John enables us to step outside of our business and look into it which is very important for a family owned and operated business.
John also has an amazing depth of experience in business operations, which he readily shares with business owners.
He would be an asset to any company or operation, and would truly revolutionize the way business is done.
He differentiates himself from the crowd with his operational savvy and polished business sense.
His mind is sharp, and almost has a sixth sense about business operations.
He has a keen sense for business operations and calming presence.
He is knowledgeable of many types of businesses from small business to large corporate operations.
John's strength is in the operational contact center business.
He has the creativity to add to all facets of a business from operations to how to gain business partnerships that really have an impact.
Aside from having exceptional business insight he is an excellent business operator and a good person.
John is dedicated to delivering key operational and business objectives.
John is both generalist and specialist when it comes to business which is rare, and highly valuable.
John was always excellent and lifting above the operational noise of the business to identifying strategically what was important for the business.
I was impressed at that time to see how fast he learnt how to operate such a new business.
He is comfortable operating at the intersection of business and technology.
We deal with many hospitality businesses and he is a first class operation.
He understands technology as well as how small businesses operate.
He always has an operational focus and challenges the cross functional groups to think about the business and impacts across the business.
John goes to great length to understand the business operations & provides tremendous valuable advice for business transformation strategies.
John has always been focused on operational excellence and our many conversations were about improvements in business, driving profitability, and scaling your business.
John understands that while it is imperative to make money in your business, you must operate with integrity, and good business practices.
His knowledge of operations is superior and his understanding of business is excellent.
John operates with the utmost integrity and respect in all of his business dealings.
He is fast in gaining knowledge and understanding different business operations.
John is an incredible business man, who operates out of integrity and honesty.
He is very passionate about the integrity and ethical operation of a business.
John had a deep operational knowledge of the business that was truly end to end.
I appreciate his knowledge of a wide variety of business operations.
He was always initiating new business solutions to ensure we not only had an efficient but also an effective operation.
He is always looking for new business opportunities and ways of building margins for his own operation.