Business Partner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Partner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is brilliant with his business insight and his ability to make it easily accessible to his business partners.
In terms of business, he is always open and available to exchange and share ideas on business and partners.
Always searching for new business opportunities, a joy for any employer or business partner.
John has been a very important business partner as we have created a business alliance.
John is a great business partner: understands the needs of the business and provides right solutions.
I placed John as a business partner because John stepped into my life and business.
John took the time to learn our business and became a true business partner.
As a business partner, he helped us grow our business in the region.
John knows what he's doing and knows how to get the right result for him business partners every time.
John has always been and continues to be one of our most valued business partners.
Whether you are looking for business partner or employee, it makes no difference.
John was much more than an employee, he was the consummate business partner.
Besides all this, he truly looks out for his clients and business partners.
Professional, reliable and an overall excellent partner for your business.
He's always been my client, but always been the best partner for business.
John is exactly the partner you would like to meet while doing business.
I would say he was more of a partner in our business than an employee.
We used to be business partners, but also competitors during some time.
He is always motivated to help his business partners to be successful.
John has been an invaluable business partner for our organization.
John is very collaborative in his engagements with business partners.
He really knows how to partner with business to deliver innovation.
He will be my choice of business partner rather than my employee.
He is one of my most trusted facilitators and business partners.
I have found him to be an innovator, trusted business partner.
What he did best was partnered with the business and clients.
John is not just a vendor, they are true business partners.
John was by far one of the best business partners that we engaged with at our company.
Whatever you do - especially in your business - you should think about the impact and what does it mean for a customer or business partner.
John was a trusted business partner who made the time to understand our business needs, delivered results, and put our business interests first.
John is efficient and well organized, very important aspects in a business partner in today's busy world where far too many business partners are tempted to 'cut corners'.
John was a true partner in that regardless of the question or the business challenge he ensured that both the business and the need were served.
John always sought to understand - the business, the particular situation or need, so that he could add value and be a true business partner.
He not only is responsive and extremely quick, he has immersed himself in my businesses, become far more of a business partner than webmaster.
He helped get greater value for his company while also being a business partner that saw the value in helping us to grow our business.
He has a good understanding of the business needs and is proactive in coming up with suggestions to help him business partners.
A proactive business partner whom never shy away from exploring, enhancing and contributing to new business opportunities.
John has also been a valuable business contact through introductions to potential partners for new business opportunities.
He has an innate ability to comprehend business requirements and has helped us partner with the business effectively.
His understanding of business and what it takes to be successful makes him a great business partner and collaborator.
John is able to handle with all different kinds of business partners and colleagues in daily business situations.
I can definitely say he is an ideal business partner, open to suggestions and able to seize business opportunities.
He is a tremendous asset to have in your company, and one of the best business partners you can have business with.
I've also briefly met one of his business partners and he too was very friendly and gave me great business advice.
A great colleague and business partner to have, highly recommended for any position or business propositions.
He combines this well with a good business understanding which makes him a trusted partner to the business.
John is a great business partner & friend, and would do well in any business situation he is involved in.
John is an ideal business partner for anyone who is requiring a telecommunications deal for their business.
His enthusiasm for business and his desire to serve ranks him at the top of my list of business partners.
John's ability to really listen and understand business needs means he's a fantastic business partner.
John knows how to be a great business partner with his smart sense of balance and business savvy.
He is an asset to any business and partners alike who wants to do online business in the right way.
As a business partner, he has been responsible for the growth of a large segment of my business.
His genuine nature coupled with his business savvy makes him a great business partner.
I will fully recommend John to all business partners as business will be conducted efficiently and professionally.
When things get tough John will lean in to ensure optimal results for the business and business partners.
If you're fortunate to do business with John, you'll not find a better business partner and advocate.
Throughout John was a trusted colleague and business partner with excellent business acumen.
I've had the pleasure of doing business with John for 10+ years and no one has ever been more of a business partner than he has.
Whatever the challenge, whatever the business, I firmly believe John can enable him business partners to succeed.