Business Planning Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Planning Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a self starter who knows his business on change, people, business, planning and more.
I've also seen him teach a small class for business owners on business planning.
He is extremely detailed when analyzing his business and is always prepared to discuss his business plans.
His way of planning and managing things helps the business to perform in challenging situations.
I am very grateful to have collaborated with him on my first business continuity plan.
I'd thoroughly recommend him for an annual review of your business plan.
He also follows up to make sure that everything went according to plan.
Nevertheless, being a visionary he is also sensible as he is always managing well structured business plans on his mind.
During this time he encouraged managers to think and act transformationally in how we approached our business plans.
He has been a key enabler in moving my rather abstract business ideas into planning a sincere and realistic business plan.
I have great pleasure used him business plan which is an ingenious tool of clarification to those who are considering starting their own business.
John provides expert business advice and planning to help you establish your business, grow it and sell it for the maximum value.
He has an extraordinary business sense and has helped us with business strategy, planning, and requirements gathering.
He has been instrumental in taking my business to the next level by creating an exciting plan to grow my business.
He faces reality in business and is unafraid to make major changes in business plans or models as required.
John approaches the business with zeal, a clear plan and passion to bring efficiencies to the business.
John has helped me create my business plan and guided me through the nuances of being a business owner.
John can quickly assess business opportunities to identify short and long term business plans.
He also helps me with the redaction of a business model canvas and a business plan.
I heard him speak on business planning and goals, which motivated me to hire him to help me with my new business.
John is very strategic with planning him business across all of his categories.
He was also very much involved in the strategic planning of the business.
I appreciate his business and plan on working with him in the future.
He is very thorough and knows how to make a business plan work.
His knowledge about startups, business planning and management is second to none.
Applying these insights to planning he creates smart and action plans that drive business results.
He has articulated his plans and has executed, especially the expansion plans.
He plans meticulously and makes sure that he carries the plan to fruition.
John was a creative manager that is always willing to incorporate new ideas into his business plan.
His ability in identifying business opportunities and proposing business plans is highly admirable.
John is thoughtful and reliable in the planning and execution of his business plan.
John is always busy with his plans and trying to involve as much people as he can.
John stepped in and made important contributions to our business plan.
He says that is it important to include that in a business plan.
John was always a step ahead of the business plans and goals.
It was his ability to listen and work out a plan that sold me and created the business plan to sell to management.
He did an outstanding job and showed both his expertise in scenario planning as well as overall business management.
He was able to jump right in and learn the business from a planning side and has made immediate contributions to the business.
He is always well planned & forward- looking which helps him to meet the business objectives.
With his continuous guidance we managed to write a proper business plan and came up with various business models for our concept.
John was extremely helpful with our business planning and financial management.
He opened up a number of new business areas for us and put in place the plans to expand the business.
Where others dream and hope, he sits down, writes a business plan and launches a new business.
John is like a magician to me, he saved my business from going down, he goes out of the way to make sure everything is achieved as per plan.
You can be sure that he will give you his undivided attention so he can put the best possible plan together for your business.
His questions are always incisive, getting directly to any weaknesses in new business plans that need strengthening.
John is not just someone that understands, your business plan, he will advise and contribute to it.
He understood the need to plan for where to take the business tomorrow not just keep the status quo.
John goes to the extra effort of understanding our business, what we do and what our plans are.
I would not hesitate to go into any business with him as he always has a strong plan for success.
He always was bringing new ideas and perpetually collaborated with me and my business planning.
He is proactive and comes to me with, well thought ideas and plans that help grow our business.
He's always been available to listen to business plan ideas and make pertinent introductions.
Thinking out of the box, brainstorming, coming with the business plan, makes him outstanding.
John was excellent in his understanding of business conditions and planning for success.
John is diligent, thoughtful and pragmatic about the way he plans his book of business.
He really sees the big picture of your business and makes plans for you as you grow.
John certainly was instrumental in the overachievement of our company's business plan.
John is someone who is extremely prompt in putting any business plan to action.
John has advised me on occasion about my business plan for our television show.