Business Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was responsible for the management of the business engagement.
John was always juggling several projects simultaneously and in spite of being busy, was always willing to help in any way he could.
He goes above and beyond for the company, even when the projects are not connected to his specific business responsibility.
He understands the business perspective of everything he does and adds value to each and every project he completes.
His understanding of the business and the various nuances within make him indispensable for any challenging project.
Whether it was business as usual or the troubled projects given to him, he always came out with flying results.
He is very smart and enthusiastic about any project given to him, which has driven him to succeed in business.
John makes it his business to know what is occurring at every level of any project with which he is involved.
He is adept at troubleshooting and projecting future needs of our own business as well as clients/prospects.
He delivers on the most complex of projects and somebody you can trust with all aspects of the business.
I remember him being widely known as the go-to guy for many projects that were crucial to the business.
I certainly would recommend him for new business opportunities as well as insight on future projects.
He is always getting involved in new and interesting projects in which he's helping businesses grow.
He's very good at focusing on the projects and issues that mean the most success for the businesses.
His passion for the business was palatable and made me excited to become involved in his projects.
Deeply involved in his projects, he is passionate about his business and loyal to his company.
He always responded quickly and in good humor, even when he was busy with many other projects.
John is always involved in multiple projects at once, but never too busy to listen and advise.
John has made very valuable contribution to the project's and the business' success overall.
He is an absolute pleasure to do business with and always makes the project fun and vibrant.
It's something that he brings to whatever piece of business or project he's responsible for.
He understood the business implications very well and could scope out projects accordingly.
He always ensured that project deliverables conforms to business requirements/objectives.
His commitment to the success of any project or business initiative is truly outstanding.
I am very happy to recommend him for any project or business opportunity he undertakes.
John comprehends my business needs and gives consistently prompt attention to projects.
His help has shaped our projects and created new business opportunities for our company.
John is quick to understand the business needs and success criteria for any project.
He has the business acumen to project numbers and is usually very assertive with that.
John is an asset to any business or project and the results are better than expected.
I was always impressed by his ability to juggle multiple projects across the business.
His business acumen was exceptional as was his dedication to any project undertaken.
We would always go to him for any kind of business questions or trouble on a project.
John is never too busy to offer his advice and expertise with complicated projects.
He addressed our business needs and roadblocks within the project vertically with ease.
It ensures that any project or business that he puts his mind to will be profitable.
He was the pioneer of this project and brought business from many reputed companies.
He thinks clearly, and focuses on maximizing the value of projects to the business.
His involvement in this project was instrumental in the success of that business.
He is an excellent at business transformation initiatives and project leadership.
John has consistently delivered great results for my business and my projects.
I would recommend him for any business, project or organisation in a heartbeat.
In all of our business affairs, he promised and over-delivered on all projects.
John has an exceptional grasp of project methodology and business priorities.
The alley is business savvy and an amazing contribution to any project he touches.
He delivers what the business expects him to for addressing the project needs.
He told me about his current projects, needs and expectations as a business.
John has an intuitive business savvy that makes him an asset to any project.
John can take any project or piece of business and turn it into a success.
John hired me to take on a few projects which turned into repeat business.
His ability to ensure alignment across projects and business was evident.
He helped shape the project to ensure it met the needs of the business.
John has the ability to determine his best role in a business project.
John would be a great addition to business transformation projects.
He led several projects that helped move the overall business forward.
His business acumen and ability to see projects through being top-notch.
He also brought a valuable business perspective to these projects.
He handles projects, including new business, with grace and ease.
I highly recommend his expertise for your business and/or project.
John is very strong in business change management and business strategy and would be an asset in any organization or on any major project.