Business Relationship Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Relationship Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very sound and strategic in his ability to manage business relationships.
John builds strong business to business relationships that enables the company to meet and exceed their business goals.
His knowledge of both spaces was unsurpassed as he guided our business relationship and grew our business.
I am confident is his management skills and would highly recommend him to manage people and/or business to business relationships.
He was my business peer and now account manager handling all aspects of the business relationship.
He establishes good relationships with out business partners and is able to then maintain those relationships.
John is an expert in relationship building and how relationships are the cornerstone of business.
Despite his client's position, he has managed our business relationship like a peer.
John designed a business logo and business card for my new business.
He is blessed with great relationship management skills to grow any business relationship.
He looks out, not only for those closest to him, but for his business relationships as well.
John has been part of some of our longest and best business relationships.
John was excellent at establishing the relationships, understanding our business and managing the end to end details.
Building relationships quickly and leveraging those relationships to grow his book of business are both strengths of his.
He's gifted and has the most welcoming, inclusive way of creating relationships and relationships that grow a business.
He found business, no one else saw and managed his relationships to perfection, internally and externally.
He fights for his clients and always makes relationships with the best in the business.
John doesn't just talk about the value of relationships in business, he lives it.
He focuses not only on business interactions, but more importantly, relationships.
He goes way beyond the typical business relationship; it's more like we're family.
John has always placed high value on the business relationships he creates.
Looking forward for a long term business relationship with his organization.
He has gone the extra mile in our relationship and business interactions.
He excels at everything he does from business, relationships, and family.
John's competency is in understanding relationships within a business.
He is completely comfortable juggling the demands of prospecting for new business and managing the his relationships.
John's expertise in managing the power relationship between big and small business is impressive.
He ensured our clients' success through managing the relationships beyond winning the business.
And he gave me smart business tips on managing the relationship with my client.
He has an edge over others when it comes to managing interpersonal relationship.
He manages relationships between stakeholders to get the best possible results.
John's leadership and management of this relationship has been second-to-none.
He knows his stakeholders well and manages relationships them with dexterity.
He also added the commitment, kindness, and warmth that allows interpersonal business relationships to last longer than the business itself.
He is proactive about finding new business and impeccable with his follow through, which in turn, created excellent business relationships.
His diligence, trustworthiness and final outcome in any business venture has made the business relationship a pleasure.
John exemplifies what a proactive "shared values" business relationship can be in the current business climate.
John has an impressive ability to track and maintain business relationships, and a strong business acumen.
John's business relationships commanded a mutual respect from his colleagues and business contacts alike.
His relationship management has made a key difference to getting the right partners for business success.
He manages several important external business relationships on behalf of the company.
I recommend him to anyone looking for an online business manager.
In very challenging environment, he has managed to keep everyone focused on the strategic business relationship.
He has a natural instinct for business, business relationships and knows how to produce results.
John is a determined business partner who is always looking for innovative ways to bring value to our business relationship.
This makes him great at forming and nurturing key business relationships that help drive him business forward.
John is a great relationship builder who understands his business and the business needs of his clients.
He has always been open and treats us as business partners, which is how you get the best out of relationships.
John is very intuitive when it comes to business matters & his relationships with people.
He values relationships, which unfortunately is an anomaly these days in business.
I can highly recommend him in regards to any business or employment relationship.
He fosters relationships and is well respected amongst his business partners.
Furthermore, his behaviour brings on cooperative business relationships.
I value his friendship and our relationship as great business partners.
John has incredible insights into people, relationships and business.
He has an excellent balance between business goals & relationships.
He builds relationships with him hiring managers to help them identify the best candidate for their business.
He is a strong relationship manager who is adept at both hunting and farming for business.
John is extremely effective at building and managing complex business relationships.
He works well to build relationships and uses those relationships to deliver value to the business.