Business Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is in the business, of the business and for the business.
He knows his business and has kept us in business.
If you want to be in business - than being in business.
He cared about the business as much as any business owner, and always did the right thing by the business.
He knows his business and knows how to help his clients with their business.
He is very knowledgeable about the business and my needs within the business.
He knows his business, but more importantly than that he knows your business.
He not only knows his business, but he knows how to help grow my business.
Moving forward not only his business, but all other parts of the business.
If you need to look at what or where you are going with your business.
You just have to know exactly what do you want from your business.
I appreciate his help and wish him all the best with his business.
That's what counts when you are trying to do business to business.
John is definitely can help you to keep up with your business.
He'll go above and beyond and do what's right for the business.
In the end, he will always do what's best for your business.
John makes it his business to know his client's business.
Thank you for all that you have done for me and my business.
He will take your business, or his business, forward, fast.
John is the definitely one of the very best in the business.
He knows his business and is passionate about his business.
He knows our business, and overall knows business as well.
John has done more than most for me and my businesses.
John is passionate about his business and your business.
It's what he does best and is the best in the business.
He is always there to help others with their business.
He knows the business and the people in the business.
He'll go above and beyond for you and your business.
I consider him to be one of the best in the business.
Hang around him, and you're sure to get new business.
Work with him if you're serious about your business.
He is truly an example of the best in his business.
It's because he is one of the best in the business.
Hands down, he's one of the best in the business.
He knows his business and his business is people.
Not only is he good for business, he is a business.
It doesn't get any better than this in business.
He handles his business where he does business.
You can do just about anything in this business.
He is always there for the needs of my business.
He is never "busy for the sake of being busy".
I wish him all the best with his new business.
I would not let anyone else near my business.
John really will help you and your business.
When it comes to business he means business.
He is truly one of the best in our business.
John is among the very best in the business.
John, you are always welcome in my business.
Well plugged into the business of business.
John, we need more of you in this business.
I am sure he will go far in the business.
It will definitely useful for my business.
He goes out of his way to help businesses.
He'll get things done, not just get busy.
Undoubtedly, one of the best in business.
I've really liked his way to do business.
John is truly the best in the business.
He knows everything about this business.
John knows everyone in the business, and everyone in the business knows John.
He doesn't just want to do business - he wants to do good business.
His analytical skills and can do attitude were second to none and indeed very useful in our business.
He makes it his business to see where his skills can be best utilized and gets involved.
Him skills going beyond just knowing his business as he gets to know his clients.
Anyone and any business would benefit from his skills and expertise.
His business has certainly benefited from his exceptional skills.
His talents and skills are transferable to almost any business.
What impresses him the most is his business relationship skills.
Added to his business skill set is his communication skills and passion for what he does.
John displayed great business continuity skills, along with impressive client skills.
He has outstanding communication skills, selling skills and business acumen.
John has good business analysis skills along good communication skill.
John knows his business better than anyone but even more important are his people skills.
Management, motivation, business focus are just some of his skills.
John's breadth of experience makes him very effective in business to business interactions, and he uses this skill to good effect.
His skill to drive business value while taking the emotions out of very critical business decision is one of his big asset.
Over the year of his membership, his business has grown, along with his skills and confidence as a business woman.
His superb interpersonal skills along with astute business acumen has made him an excellent business partner.
His exceptional people skills and strong business acumen have earned him much credibility in the business.
Highly recommend him as a business partner given his strong entrepreneurial skills and business acumen
His triumphant career skills will definitely add the business value and turn our business into profit.
John creates positive business results based on his experience, business and people skills.
John has a sharp business mind and is always working on improving his business skills.
His business analytical skills as well as interpersonal skills with his customers are commendable.
His people's skills and also the acknowledge of how to make the business really make him outstanding.
John's skills would be particularly useful for the business looking for digital transformation.
His people skills are second to none and he is well respected at all levels within our business.
His negotiation skills with suppliers in getting the best value to the business are exceptional.
John will do well in business because he has great "people skills" and is very adaptive.
This together with his excellent people skills makes him an asset to any business.
His business presentation skills are second to none, so clear and to the point.
His skills have been invaluable to our business development with partners.
Of course, his business, writing and photography skills are beyond question.
John presents himself and his business with passion, skill and simplicity.
John is an astute business person who has skills in every area of business.
He inspires people around him with his determination and business skills.
He clearly has strong people skills and is well connected in business.
Because of this skill, people naturally want to do business with him.
His skills allow to conduct different business areas with excellence.
His command of business and his presentation skills are superior.
John's people skills and business ethics are also impeccable.
He has an excellent attitude and skills with business relations.
His business acumen is first rate, and so are his people skills.
John always showed him various skills and business knowledge.
John is an experienced business woman who can offer many skills to his clients and business partners.
He's especially skilled in business, has excellent presentation skills, and is a positive and energetic forward thinker.
John has excellent business skills while he understands and demonstrates teamwork and outstanding interpersonal skills.
His mentoring skills and in particular leadership skills have led to many young entrepreneurs sustaining in business.
Highly committed and skilled, he displays excellent prospecting, qualifying, and new business presentation skills.
His level of writing and organizational skills are unparalleled and his business acumen skills are exceptional.
John is highly skilled and motivated and his expertise in understanding business is a sought after skill.
John used his skills as an electrician in his home and business.
His skills also extend to movies and photography - an important skill in the online business.
He got optimal skills about creating new business opportunities, learning about business dynamics and our competitors.
John business insight and both analytical and strategic skills to solve business problems are outstanding.
John's business acumen is complemented by thorough business development skills.
His results analysis, business planning and business case skills are exemplary.
With the our company he is teaching business owners and entrepreneurs one of the most valuable skills in business.
John is one of the most skilled and collaborative leaders in our business.
His organization skills keep your business in front of other potential businesses, whether it is for end use or potential networking.
Him analytical skills, presentation skills and insight of the business won him the position.
He really knows the business that he's in and what's good for it - and he's very good at working with others to let their skills help build his own business.
His skills in creating business and pioneering new businesses are a very valuable commodity not seen in many people.
High marks for his business savvy, people skills and drive to succeed in business and in life.
He has the best skills to take any business to the next level with him the marketing/sales strategies.
For him this is the most important skill in terms of being willing to do business with anyone.
His business skills are over the top and he knows what he needs to do to succeed each goal
Content is him passion, and it now is well rounded with other important business skill.
Please contact him if you want to learn more about his strengths and business skills.
These skills are directly applicable and critical to the success of his business.
His skills are applicable to any business and will succeed wherever he goes.
You will always find him busy, learning new things and updating his skills.
Communication skills are his strong point, as is a business strategy
John's enthusiasm and business strategy skills are next to none.
He also constantly promoted our skills to the rest of the business.
John skills in business analysis and strategy are tremendous.
John would be a great addition to any business where he can showcase his graphic skills and website skills.
His skill sets are well suited especially his business development skills.
He also has an uncanny skill of not only understanding business requirements, but helping to improve what business users are requesting.
His vast experience behind the chair is matched with his business experience to make his skills unique in the business world.
He would be an asset to a start up or established business given his experience, maturity and numerous business skills.
He's a fantastically to have with you in your quest to improve your business skills and ultimate business success.
In each role, he has used his grounded business skills and good judgment to deliver solid business contributions.
He showed incredible business acumen, great leadership skills and phenomenal passion for the business.
Him savvy business acumen and versatile skill set make him a valuable asset to any business.
The fact that most of the business stayed with his employer is down to his personal and business skills.
These skills, coupled with his ability to turn business objectives into business relationships make him indispensable in businesses that want to start up or gear up.
Him organizational and networking skills are amongst the best in the business.
John has the perfect combination of business skills and enthusiasm to produce an amazing business.
John's greatest skill is networking and in this business that is a very valuable skill to have.
He is always looking to learn new skills and see how he can best help out the business unit.