Business Strategist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Strategist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is an excellent business strategist who has consistently ensured that his organization and business achieve its objectives.

John is a brilliant strategist, with great business sense combined with good business acumen.

He's a business strategist who sees things not only as they are today, but how they can be.

John is a star among business growth strategists for the most dynamic companies.

John is an exceptional business woman, great strategist and very hardworking.

John is a superlative strategist and understands the needs of small business.

He is light years ahead of any other strategist and has proven himself to be one of the best minds in the business.

John is an insightful business strategist who is always willing to lend an ear and his opinion.

John is a business strategist with a very clear vision of the opportunities that the business owner himself cannot see because he is too close.

He is a business oriented, a bigger picture strategist who did not place limitations on business problem solving.

John is a business strategist that uses marketing to accomplish business goals.

John is an influential, well connected and astute business strategist and negotiator.

He's a brilliant strategist and business coach using tools that will catapult your business.

John is a strategist who looks at end-to-end business relevant proposition with clear end-in-mind.

John is a strategist and understands how to grow businesses that are successful and sustainable.

John is an excellent business strategist who is able to follow through to profitable results.

Not only is he a brilliant thinker and strategist, he sees things that other business overlook.

He is a distinguished strategist and problem-solver when it comes to growth in your business.

He is a forward-thinker and keen business strategist who knows how to deliver results.

John is an energetic business strategist who never loses sight of the bigger picture.

John has been a great strategist, always coming up with new ideas and business ventures.

John is unparalleled as a business strategist, especially in the online arena.

He is a capable strategist and has complete command of the business metrics.

John is most certainly on my short list as one highly qualified business strategist.

John is a fantastic business strategist with a plethora of knowledge in business strategies.

He has always been an excellent business strategist and analytical problem solved.

He has been a catalyst for our business and an invaluable strategist for our continued growth.

John is an effective business strategist contributing to the direction of the company.

John is both strategist and tactician when creating successful business relationships.

John is a creative strategist and goes about his business with passion and commitment.

He is known among his peers for being exceedingly bright, a great business strategist.

John is a very measured and capable business strategist that always gets the most out of people and opportunities.

I am very comfortable in recommending him as a strategist, and trusted business partner.

He is a very strong business and organizational strategist and incredibly insightful.

John is a true strategist who is always looking for new and interesting angles from which to approach business problems.

An inspiring and brilliant strategist, he understands the new paradigm that is shaping the future of business.

He is an out and out strategist with a passion to outwit competition in our endeavour to win more business.

He is a very good strategist and was able to give me some good ideas for my business.

John has an extremely accurate business sense, and is a very profound strategist.

He is organised and an avid strategist with a vision to grow your business fast.

He is a strategist who has displayed the ability to transform business performance.

John is one of the most creative solution oriented thinkers and strategists in the business.

He is a business strategist who is adept at applying technology to solve demanding business issues.

John is an innovative strategist who was never locked into the conventional norms of existing business parameters.

John is an extraordinary strategist with a keen understanding of all the payments business around the globe.

This, added to his confidence, makes him a competent strategist for business problem-solving.

He is a fantastic strategist and a lateral thinker with a can do attitude to business.

I was amazed how after a short weeks he understood a highly complicated business and was a valued strategist to our business.

John is an exceptionally qualified leader: as a business strategist, organizational strategist and a technical strategist.

His vision, creativity, and passion combine into an incredible business strategist.

He is also an excellent business strategist and will help many companies focus on monetization and success.

John is by trade a palm reader, and through the journey with him a business strategist.

John is a really brilliant business strategist, who can cut to the chase when it comes to seeing the big picture and the finer detail on business challenges.

His adeptness with both technology and business, has demonstrated value to both my business' and those he engages.

John is an excellent strategist with extensive business knowledge and experience.

He is a seasoned business strategist with the phenomenal insights and outstanding abilities to push your business into areas otherwise not thought possible.

John is an expert business strategist, and that enables him to drop into any situation and add significant value.

He is a strategist, and is exceptionally good at editing impactful business opportunities around partnerships.

John has a great ability to find synergies between various aspects of the business, is a strategist.

John is truly a dynamic vision, enthusiastic entrepreneur and a deep business strategist.