Business Support Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Support Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was very knowledgeable of the business he was supporting at the time.
He is a true business partner to the business and those of us who support his team and his success.
I would recommend him to any small business as a person they can trust to support their business.
He routinely sought to understand business objectives and how he could best support the overall goals and objectives of the business.
John took time out of his busy schedule to walk me through the business unit he supported.
He does what he says that he will do and supports his business partners and clients.
Besides, his attitude is very much supportive, like 'a partner in business'.
John has devised a package of business support which is perfect for the start up and small business.
He definitely has a goal-oriented business mind that by default promotes the business he supports.
John provided great support to my team and provided out of the box thinking to support our business initiatives.
He is going over the details that enrich his understanding of the business he is going to support.
He was more than happy to pass on his learnings of the business and was always willing to support.
He is quick to learn and always willing to support the business is any way possible.
His business experience is priceless when it comes to the support he offers.
He has proven a professional attitude and business approach to support business.
John's experience and knowledge of various business models provides an excellent support for my businesses.
I'm constantly impressed with his courtesy, and willingness to help his coworkers, support the business and drive conversions for the business.
He has offered me lots of support and guidance through pre business to post business start up.
John is a rare breed of business owner in the computer support business.
He always encouraged you to take the initiative and he would support you in doing the right thing done for the business and for our clients.
He relentlessly supported his employees and always looked out for their well-being, while still balancing the needs of the business.
John has shown over the years that hands down, he can be relied on when it comes to supporting the needs of the business.
John has been very accommodating and supportive of our business in recent times for which we are grateful and appreciative.
John is always looking out for him clients' best interests and giving them the support that is best for their business.
John was always willing to do whatever necessary to support our clients and earn additional business.
He is really approachable and provides lots of help and support for women running their own businesses.
He has always been so kind, helpful and supportive of my business during the time we've been connected.
I was thoroughly supported by him and always felt he had time for me – even in the really busy periods.
John was able to really show me the value of being a member and offer my support for my new business.
Even though he is incredibly busy, he will find the time to support you in anyway necessary.
John was charged with explaining and gaining support for a new way of doing business.
He lets you make your own business decisions while supporting you every step of the way.
John was always supportive and helpful during the business requirements gathering stage.
John provided amazing support and guidance in taking my business to the next level.
His follow up and support at every stage sets him apart from the rest in the business.
He is wonderfully down to earth as well as passionate about supporting local business.
He is approachable and supportive, but also has the ability to drive business success.
Makes him happy to know his friends and yes, his clients are supporting his business.
John's support and desire to help businesses succeed is empowering and motivating.
He has a holistic view of the company always trying to support all business areas.
John is smart, makes good decisions, very supportive of the business aspirations.
He is direct, clear, and always supportive of both individuals and the business.
He has always been honest and reliable, and a wonderful support to my business.
Would recommend him to anyone seeking new business advice, support and guidance.
His strong guidance and support made my transition into the business effortless.
He provided the support and decisions when needed as the business grew rapidly.
His business attitude and support capability are very positive and enthusiastic.
I owe a lot of my business acumen to him and appreciate his ongoing support.
He is motivating and supportive and has a strong connection to the business.
He is extremely responsive and committed to supporting business objectives.
He is focused on accurate and timely resolutions to support the business.
He has been totally supportive of me and has coached me with my business.
John's passion for helping and supporting local businesses is infectious.
He has been a great facilitator and supporter of my business initiatives.
John's support, guidance and involvement in our business has been exemplary.
He really got to the nub of the issues faced by business start ups, and came up with some top class results for the businesses we were supporting.
John is a tremendous powerhouse when it comes to business, helping others rise, and supporting the entrepreneur and business owner.
He shares and provides valuable business support as well as encouraging business minded individuals to find their niche and go for it.
Him groups are helpful and supportive in helping women share their business with other serious minded business women.
John provided expert advice and support as a business mentor and gave us great know-how in expanding our business.
He challenges, supports and inspires both himself and other business people to do the most important things to grow our businesses.
John is passionate about business in the region and is keen to support the businesses he engages with.
John's marketing and business support have been instrumental to the success of his business.
His energy, enthusiasm and support for businesses is what struck him the most, he knows his strengths and he knows how to help your business grow.
Him support and confidence in our small business helped pave the way for further contracts with other businesses.
John is outstanding in everything that he did in supporting his business unit.
John will get behind an idea and support it through the client's business.
He is dogged in his pursuit of business and he had many supporters.
John supported his business unit over the course of several years.
John is now seen as an our company within the business and likewise to his clients he supports.
John supported many functional teams and supported employees at all levels of the business.
His distinguished business know-how was the driver for new business models that supports clients to focusing on their own business.
John is the epitome of a true business partner as the support and advice he has provided to our business has always been priceless.
John has been a superb help to him through support as a business mentor from very early on in the growth of his business.
His knowledge in the business support sector is invaluable in these challenging times for new businesses.
John also supports the local community by supporting local causes with him our company business.
John and his team have been there to support his business from the very start.
John and his team were very flexible in supporting the needs of the business.
He is trusted both by his team, and the business he supports.
John provided the detailed operations support we needed to get a business up and running, and then supported that business.
He understands the business challenges and creates solutions to help support the business strategies.
He understood and supported the business goals and strategies of business owners.
He often took that business out from under the noses of competitors who were much better funded and supported.
John certainly had a pulse on the business and the needs of the various departments he supported.
He is always there to point you in the right direction and support you in the business at any time
He is always available to help and support the business needs/concerns, and very knowledgeable.
In each, he demonstrated his commitment to the success and value of the businesses he supports.
He has empathy toward the needs of the business, his peers, and the end-users he is supporting.
He consistently went above and beyond to support the business at hand and his teammates.
In all his dealings with him, he has always stepped up to support his business partners.
He supports people to grow their business and truly wants everyone to be successful.
His leadership in supporting and driving the business forward was second to none.
Always busy with work, but if you need any help he is always there to support you.
John has provided some fantastic support for him in the role of a business mentor
His drive is for his business as well as supporting the success of others.
He is very well schooled and experiences in the businesses he supported.
The support he gives to the businesses he has worked for being exemplary.
Ranui demonstrated insight and flexibility in supporting his business.
He is full of knowledge and support with all things business.
He provided great information, support and was overall interested in supporting our business goals.
More importantly, he understands businesses, business relationships and business networks.
The walk is always doing his best to provide his support despite his busy schedule.
John has forward vision on how to take the business to the next level, which he could support with sophisticated business planning and modelling.
Besides of that he understands very well business priorities and find out how he as vendor can support the business to reach its goals.
He is always happy to share and collaborate with peers and colleagues to support the best outcomes for the business he supports.
John supported him through some difficult stages of company growth and provided excellent business insight and support.
Encouraging, supporting and a tremendous support to so many small businesses in the our company area and beyond.
John's many years of experience in business put him in a fantastic position to support any business, whether it be start-up, existing or a business which is in trouble.
Added to this he always keeps an eye on the business processes that are being supported.
John provides the electrical and support that all businesses require.
Thank you so much for supporting and believing his health business.
Gentle and supportive in all aspects of his business and other business networks - such as our company, where he quietly gets on and does what needs doing without any fuss.
This support and direction have allowed him to remove some of his stress in the business and help him move forward in his later business life.
John always supported his business strategies and is the first to jump in and help out whenever needed.
John thank you very much for all your support and for teaching him so many lessons about life and business.
He always took the initiative and went above and beyond to achieve goals and support the business.
John and his region have always supported him in any way possible to close global business.
John's support has been instrumental to the business and he always delivers on his word.
But with the way he runs his business inspires you to be at your best to support his goals.
During these days, he supported him in some cases concerning intrapreneurship and business.
He gives you the tools you need to grow your business and supports you along the way.
Have seen him, willing to support business needs, with ease and innovative solutions.
He has been instrumental in supporting and growing our business over the years.
He is never too busy to offer support and to help others achieve their goals.
John has been very supportive in our efforts to expand our business model.
He ensured his staff were always available to help support our business.
John has supported him through a few important business transitions.
He also supported us finding the right references and business cases.
His support for his employees goes beyond reaching business goals.
He knows our business and does an excellent job of supporting it.
He supported the finance business area and was very knowledgeable about his business.
He provides real, necessary support for those starting out in business and understands the pressures and requirements for those businesses who are further down the line.
John got to know his business quickly, which meant that he knew what was needed to support the business, to make a difference and succeed.
John provided critical support to our new business owners at that crucial time while some were feeling their new business jitters.
The rainmakers club has made a significant impact on his business, he has fully supported him to take his business to the next level.
He always had the business interest of the stakeholders at heart and provided support and guidance to move the business forward.
He knows his business inside out, he is friendly, professional and supportive and has been a huge asset to his business.
He crafted and contributed compelling justifications to acquire business support, which led to business wins.
He has sharp business acumen and hence effective in supporting the business achieve its strategic objectives.
He ensured that a comprehensive business continuity plan was in place to support the business.
He always strived to support them with their business needs, offering solutions and directing to other areas of support.
Always willing to support others- even if it means he loses out - he happily gives his time in supporting others to reach their business goals.
Learning and support help comes from him at all steps and he has tools and many paths to support that every new business owner needs.
He set it up to support women in business connect, learn, support and grow together.
He supported the business throughout major change and acquisitions.
He supported the business with solid financial leadership as we brought a number of aftermarket businesses into one cohesive business.
John wants to know as much as he can about his business so that the advice, expertise and support he provides is tailored to him and his company.
He is always looking at what the implications of different decisions might be in the business he was supporting, and for the company overall.
John has also provided him with excellent advice and the support he provides to him and his business is over and above just 'doing the books'.
He has a very supportive manner and you truly feel that he genuinely wants to help you to get where you'd like to be in your business.