Business Systems Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Systems Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's practical approach to business systems was fun, collaborative and it really made me look at things within my business in a different way.
He has a great sense of business acumen and does very effective business & systems analysis to capture the requirements.
John's system ended up being the foundation of business and without it we would have struggled to grow.
John's in-depth understanding of both the business and associated systems was invaluable to me.
Last, but not least - he is perfect at joining business targets with system understanding.
John has provided input that combines both broad business and systems considerations.
I would also say that he would be great at creating systems to track business trends.
John is always willing to have a discussion about franchising and business systems.
While he has an excellent systems background, his business acumen is exceptional.
His ethics, character and value system is the foundation of his business acumen.
I highly recommend him and his company if your business has antiquated systems.
He was the nervous system, touching and affecting every piece of the business.
John has a keen eye when it comes to creating systems for your business.
His enthusiasm and realistic approach make business systems the priority.
He understands the business side along with his depth of system knowledge.
John ran his own business in our franchise system while in college.
John has deep insight into business systems and how to apply them.
He understands & follow basic value system needed for the business.
Along with system orientation, he does have a good business sense.
He set up all of the systems to efficiently run my small business and has continued to help me tweak and maintain those systems.
John possess strong business acumen and has an extensive knowledge base of business systems.
John was very focussed on benefits that the new system would provide to the business.
John is an excellent business systems analyst, wonderful mother, budding entrepreneur, and faithful friend.
John understands him businesses and the systems used to run them very well.
He learned enough about our business and system to take off within a week.
He is always very professional and really knows the systems that run the business.
He also is a great business partner, keenly aware of the needs of the business for systems enhancements and business process redesign.
John is able to understand business needs and translate that into system requirements.
His structured approach towards business systems is second to none.
He was always available for any questions we had about implementing the new system or during the first year of use of the system.
This is down to his own in depth knowledge of how systems and business work together to add business value.
He has a holistic view of our systems and how these systems are used effectively to support the business.
While passionate about systems and the business, he truly puts people first.
Better business insight along with customer focus make him an efficient business analyst.
He can strip away all the business hype and get right down the system essentials, understand the need, then deliver.
He really understands the systems and what a business needs to do to take advantage of the monies available.
He completely understood our business and had everything on the system set up smoothly and accurately.
John has an all around great understanding of business systems and would be an asset to any company.
I was able to help him use the systems in place to achieve those business results as best possible.
He helped us overhaul our systems and tools and re-framed the way we were looking at our business.
He truly does have a proven system that, when followed, brings success and business mastery.
He was able to explain the tangle of the system in such a way as the business could understand.
His suggestions for system enhancement are well thought out, and move the business forward.
John was exceptional in his commitment to helping me put systems in place with my business.
I would be happy to validate and recommend his business and systems understanding/skills.
His system is comprehensive and addresses all of the major obstacles to business growth.
John gave me the tools and systems to help me take my business to the next level.
John had a unique combination of understanding both systems and business issues.
John's ability to create business systems from the ground up is world class.
John is a very detail orientated and thorough business analyst.
John has the rare ability to combine business foresight with the changes that must occur in business processes and systems.
He worked to standardize systems and always took into consideration the business impact when making recommendations for system enhancements.
John has provided us training with the system along the way and has always been available for questions as our business has evolved.
He showed patience and keen mentorship ability for all corporate business systems analyst.
He has a solid system that can help you meet your business goals.
John has the knowledge of both our systems and our business to get the job done.
His system will save me time and help me from spreading myself too thin, as well as grow my business.
John would be an asset to any organization with business systems consulting/programming needs.
Him the ability to articulate through systems and automate the business needs is superior.
Not only does he come up with money making ideas for small businesses, he has a very easy to use system that makes it simple for small businesses to participate.