Business Unit Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Business Unit Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He took the initiative, to put in place a new business controller structure to help all business unit managers to better manage their business more professionally.
His business acumen and flair to make difficult tasks simplified for the business unit are exceptional.
John is also very down to earth which allows him to see multiple perspectives within different business units.
He was always willing to help out and reach across the aisle and collaborate with other business units.
He was someone we could go to if we needed to understand him business unit better.
He wants the best not only for his business unit, but for the company as a whole.
During this stint, he elevated it to one of the most profitable business units.
John was able to rally the whole business unit behind this transformation.
He has successfully restructured and launched several business units.
John was great at understanding the complex needs of my business unit.
John's opinion is respected within our business unit and others.
This business unit would not have been able to launch without him.
John was provided strong leadership for the entire business unit.
John runs successful business units and has my recommendation.
He has built credibility for himself and for our business unit in our company.
John was instrumental in growing the business and managed to create a whole new business unit in another country, which is not an easy task.
Him strong business drive on top of him result oriented approach makes him a successful business unit manager.
John has an inclusive management style and collaborates very well across business units and company silos.
John has been very successful in identifying and hiring top management positions in our business unit.
John has managed to change the culture of our business unit, from the bottom up.
This makes him the ideal person for a start up business/ business unit.
John is an effective business manager and works diligently to support his business unit.
John is a terrific business partner who keeps his eye on what the business unit is trying to achieve, and how he can help us get it.
John has been instrumental in steering successful key business units when it comes to business deliverables.
He works well with his peers and also well respected by managers in the business unit.
His contributions to the business unit would not have happened had it not been for him drive.
He took the time to understand the various business units to which he was assigned.
John never allowed his ego to influence what was best for the business unit.
John's dedication to him business unit and employees is outstanding.
He has always been and continues to be respected by several different business units in our company.
He is an excellent manager and truly understands how to drive profitability within a business unit.
John provides a thoughtful and thorough approach to understanding the business unit issues as well as their business as a whole.
His impressive business acumen is a welcome asset to any business unit and leadership role.
He paved the way for an entire business model and revamped a struggling business unit.
He has managed him organisation in an ever evolving environment from numerous acquisitions to various business unit locations whilst maintaining business as usual.
John also works well across the organisation with different business units.
This was apparent through all the work he did across all business units.
He is extremely clever and keeps his business unit focused only on tasks that will provide an impact to the business.
He is sensitive to the needs of our business unit while getting the job done.
John is an exceptional people leader and business unit manager.
John is a very capable business manager and strategic thinker and has successfully managed business units and people to achieve excellent results.
He was a sterling manager that was across all areas of the business.
He has been involved with new acquisitions within our business unit and he efforts were truly appreciated.
John was great at looking beyond him group to see if the scale would be possible across business units.
He understood what it was we were trying to achieve with the business unit, following a restructure.
John hub during the particularly difficult start-up period for that business unit.
John is highly efficient and attentive to the business requirements of our unit.
His dedication and leadership to his business unit was the reason for its success.
He's also been instrumental in establishing collaboration across business units.
John has driven change across business units, as well as within his own sphere.
He has completely turned around the business unit that he was hired for.
He does appreciate the criticality of business unit and acts accordingly.
The energetic culture and atmosphere of his business unit is no accident.
John then ran the workshops across the business units with great success.
He sets challenging but realistic expectations for his business unit.
He is an asset to whatever business unit is lucky enough to have him.
Him successful hires resulted in the business unit being successful.
His results significantly exceed the results of our business unit.
Great that he gives me the change to start a new business unit.
John comes with strong business acumen and that showed in the bottom line numbers of the units he managed before.