Call Center Performance Review Phrases Examples

Call Center Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If you want to get something done well he is definitely the one to call.
They will be his first call next time around and the last call.
He has found his calling and being willing to follow the call.
He would always ask his opinion on various aspects of the call center.
He will get any call center, and its employees to the next level.
John never shied away from having to make the tough call, especially because it was also the right call.
If he says he is going to call you back, look into something or get something done, he does it.
He is very thorough and followed up with him whenever he told him he was going to call.
He would always try to take it to the next level of going above and beyond the call.
He knows how to get things done and who to call to help if its beyond his scope.
He goes above and beyond what he is called to do and he does it without fail.
He is someone you could call on for anything and he would be willing to help.
When called to do so he would go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver.
He should be your first and will be the last call that you will have to make.
If you're not already calling him, do so now - you've got everything to gain.
He will always go above and beyond what is called for because that's who is.
He did not call him when he didn't need to, but did ask for help when needed.
Not only does he return his calls, he calls him to see how things are going.
John is passionate about what he does & has definitely found his calling.
We also know that we can always call on him for help should the need arise.
Not only did he help him out, but also called him to further our discussions.
He makes sure they have all the answers they need before ending the call.
This keeps him in the know, and gets his phone calls taken when he calls.
Seems they may have been already looking at his profile before they called.
If he's called upon to do something, you can be sure it'll be done right.
Paranoid is the other name, or say is what he should be called formally.
He goes above and beyond, regardless of whether he gets the call or not.
Best of all, he always calls you back right away whenever you need him.
He called him within an hour and said, thank you for calling him him.
He always called him first when he found an appropriate opportunity.
He knows just what to do, who to call, and how to make things happen.
He is someone that when you call him, you know he will get it done.
He can be called upon for help with anything and he will deliver.
He made himself available to them over and above the call of duty.
And, they have called him back to thank him for the recommendation.
He calls things like they are yet always does it with compassion.
He is someone who makes things happen because he makes the calls.
If you are doing any of those things, you should call him too.
John has always been most helpful whenever he took his calls.
We will certainly be calling on him again as the need arises.
They are definitely the ones to call when you want to be seen in our company.
John is through and provided our company throughout the call.
The call center was forever changed and better because of him.
If you're interested in outsourcing your call center needs, he's your man.
He understands the core of what makes call centers successful.
Him center answered calls for his group as well as many others.
Hopefully you will not have to call him often, but if and when you do, you can be sure that he will go beyond the call of duty to solve your problem.
If you wish to find out for yourself how much he knows about the subject, make him your first call, and then call all the others.
He is always willing to take any call to action and do whatever he could to make sure things were done and done right.
John gives good advice on anything you ask him and if you call him, he will back in the same day if he miss your call.
Regardless of where we are or what we need, he's always gone above and beyond the call of duty for us.
It would be an understatement to end it there, for he goes well above and beyond his call of duty.
He always took his calls or called him back right away even though we live in different time zones.
He called back exactly when he said he would and did all that was required on the onboarding
He calls when he says he is going to call, responds promptly to emails, and returns calls.
He pitches in over and above the 'call of duty' and is willing to help out when called upon.
He did not miss him calling, knows exactly what he's doing and is very passionate about it.
Dheeraj has been always available when you need him and most prompt in taking or returning calls.
It is good to know there is someone who knows what needs to be done when we call upon him.
We truly could not have done it without him, and still call on him for advice to this day.
As a colleague he will always make time for you and will call you back when he is called.
John always went well above the call of duty to get things done right and expeditiously.
The co-moderator had recently called-in to say that he would not be available to serve.
He really got to know us as an individual, and went above and beyond the call of duty.
It was only after his calls did the need to have these discussions become more apparent.
He tells it like it is, and will call you out for not doing the most to help yourself.
If he doesn't know how to do something, he's likely a call away from someone who does.
John always gives his opinion and wants to sell-out anything that doesn't seem right.
John would often go beyond the call of duty to help anyone and everyone he could.
If you tell him to call you back on a certain day and time that is when he will call.
If you are looking at entertaining and need to sweeten it up, he is the one to call.
He truly went above and beyond from our initial call through to the very last edit.
John even called us while he was vacationing to make sure all was going smoothly.
He always returned his call and more often than not he was proactively calling him.
If you are seriously looking to get better at selling, then you need to call him.
If you know he's calling, you want to rush and pick up the call if just to chat.
John more than once and he has gone beyond the call of duty on each instance.
He would even go to the extent of calling him back if he failed to answer his call.
John will definitely be our first call when we have to make any other tech hires.
He knows everything there is to know about his prospects before he makes a call.
Partners know that they can call him and they will have their problems resolved.
Trust him with your next transaction and call him if you are not likewise amazed.
And if he didn't know something, he knew exactly who to call to get the answer.
If he happens to come across one, then rest assured that he knows who to call.
Someone who you can be sure will add value to whatever he is called upon to do.
There really is no other realtor out there that you should call except for him.
Hire him or join up or call him or whatever you were considering - just do it.
He's available when you call and always willing to talk through your concerns.
Nevertheless, he took on all calls, even those that he yet knew nothing about.
He follows through and never lets you down when he says he will call he does.
John goes beyond the call of duty in doing the right thing for the company.
He called him right away even though he is the president of his own company.
He makes the right call and makes sure that it's the most optimal decision.
If you haven't called him yet, you need to because he is one classy lady.
He'll call them and qualify them himself rather than see them go to waste.
His company has used them for several shoots and are always our first call.
The recommendations do not get any greater, call him if you need anything more.
We always call him back when we need something added or if we need advice.
John always called him when he said he would and never left him "hanging".
When they understand what he does, they know when they need to call him.
It doesn't take more than one call with him to get induced by his genius.
He calls it like it is and there is no guessing from where he comes from.
Saying he goes above and beyond the call is really foundational for him.
John always made himself available to him through call, text, and email.
If he says "call him if you need help", and you need it, he'll be there.
Not only would he call you back, yet he always responded with an email.
Courteous but to the point, he lets him know exactly why he was calling.
He went way over the call of duty to make sure everything was perfect.
He followed up with calls later to be sure that he understood clearly.
When you can't quite get anything right, he's only ever a call away.
It's no wonder to him why he is frequently called upon as an 'expert'.
If you are looking to sell, call him first, you won't be disappointed.
He challenges himself to be his best, and calls others to do the same.
If there was ever an issue, he would know who to call and get it fixed.
John's one call is enough to get the most difficult thing to get it done.
If you have any questions or concerns, he is the one you want to call.
He called when he said he would, and his timelines were very accurate.
When you are called the , is because you became an institution.
Give him a call and let him help you or to see what he has to offer.
He will definitely get the call when we are ready for our next home.
As soon as the best possible deal came up, he called us to refinance.
John would be his first point of call and more often than not his last.
The man is available whenever he's needed, even if he isn't on-call.
Please call if you have any questions concerning his qualifications.
John always took the call when asking him for his advice or guidance.
Would definitely recommend him, and will be calling him when needed.
Him and sunny were associated with each other since our calling days.
He means it when he says to call him if he can help you in any way.
We often call on him at the last minute and he still comes through.
Muchie, as what he wants to be called, was an asset to the company.
Remember to call him, and he'll help you remember everything else.
John goes over and beyond the call to make sure we stay connected.
John goes beyond and above the call to action on any task/project.
John is not only capable, but goes beyond the call of his role.
If the latter, you're missing out if you don't call him right now.
If there is a connection he can make, he knows just who to call.
He often went beyond the call of duty, regardless of the situation.
Because of these characteristics he goes beyond the call of duty.
He calls back, gets things to you immediately and follows through.
He never said no, or gave up when called upon for help or guidance.
You should call him too - you can be sure he'll be able to help.
And they reward him for that by calling him back again and again.
The only way you would be disappointed is if you didn't call him.
John has gone above and beyond on all occasions when call upon.
Most importantly, he knows when making the right judgement call.
If you call him, he is there, nothing is too much trouble for him.
He calls it as he sees it so you always know where he stands.
He's his first call for expertise that goes beyond the expected.
John knows how to make the tough calls, but does so with respect.
Please do not hesitate to call him if you have further questions.