Call Center Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Call Center Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If you're interested in outsourcing your call center needs, he's your man.
John is an outstanding call center manager - his attention to detail is second to none.
He first came up with monitoring tools that were used to manage the calls coming into the support center and call tickets being opened with a call by call basis.
He will get any call center, and its employees to the next level.
John is a detailed oriented manager that thrives in call center environments.
He is very diligent and diplomatic when dealing with the call center as well as other employees.
One of the best ideas he ever had was to create "practice call scripts" for our call center trainees.
John provided excellent insights on call center management during a very large program with significant call spikes.
He can manage a small start-up team to an entire call center.
John is exceptional when it comes to his out of the box thinking concerning the whole aspect of the call center.
I call him leader instead of manager because that is who he is.
John is one of the few managers who we can call them leaders.
He was always very approachable and even handed in his approach to managing a call center team.
John has a unique ability to zero in on the humor that resides in the challenges of call center management.
John goes above and beyond the call every time we have him on the air.
John is highly competent with technical and call center management abilities.
I must say that as the career center manager, his approach to managing the center was detailed, structured and very well organized.
John is one of those that you call for help when something is not working.
He has broadened my knowledge of call centers, inner workings and management of people.
John is very committed, willing to go above-and-beyond the call of duty to help the company.
He is extremely hard working and incredibly knowledgeable in his management of call centers.
John has a strong work ethic and is extremely knowledgeable in call center management.
He managed all calls and handled all negotiations, even after the close of escrow.
Through this he taught me how to manage by calling around to virtual teams, versus managing by walking around.
He is proficient at managing multiple teams, interacting with others, both above and below his management tier and with overseeing a large call center.
I will definitely call him again for any future photographic requirements.
I will call him at any time that an appropriate opportunity should open.
He always took the time to take my calls and answer my questions.
If there is a problem, he will not only call the manager, but drive out to see the issue gets sorted.
As a manager, he delegated well, motivates and had the courage to make tough calls.
His management style was above all collaborative, but also direct when called for.
His pre-call planning and call preparation was second to none.
He was always willing to help out whenever called upon and his work was exceptional.
Easy to work with, approachable and always willing to help beyond his calls.
John went above and beyond, and everyone left the call more knowledgeable.
I called him to make an enquiry and found him to be very knowledgeable.
He was always going above and beyond the call of duty to work.
I look forward to his next call and to working with him again.
Someone who's calling you always love to take because he comes to you with solutions, not problems.
John as we call him lovingly, is a very systematic and a truly people manager.