Call Center Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Call Center Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If you want to get something done well he is definitely the one to call.
I believe he is someone that knows how to make the right calls.
Hopefully you will not have to call him often, but if and when you do, you can be sure that he will go beyond the call of duty to solve your problem.
He pitches in over and above the 'call of duty' and is willing to help out when called upon.
He always returned my call and more often than not he was proactively calling me.
If you know he's calling, you want to rush and pick up the call if just to chat.
If he says he is going to call you back, look into something or get something done, he does it.
Make sure you call him and get to know him, even if you don't think he can do anything for you.
He was very thorough and followed up with me whenever he told me he was going to call.
He has made himself available outside of our calls to help me if something arises.
John is someone who is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.
He goes above and beyond what he is called to do and he does it without fail.
He was someone you could call on for anything and he would be willing to help.
If you're not already calling him, do so now - you've got everything to gain.
John is passionate about what he does & has definitely found his calling.
If he's called upon to do something, you can be sure it'll be done right.
Paranoid is the other name, or say is what he should be called formally.
He goes above and beyond, regardless of whether he gets the call or not.
Best of all, he always calls you back right away whenever you need him.
I know he will always do his best at whatever he is called upon to do.
I definitely will be calling on him again for more help along the way.
He is always available to take your calls and gets back to promptly.
John is and will always be one of my first calls when the need arises.
He is someone that when you call him, you know he will get it done.
He can be called upon for help with anything and he will deliver.
He made himself available to them over and above the call of duty.
He calls things like they are yet always does it with compassion.
We will certainly be calling on him again as the need arises.
John was thorough and provided our company throughout the call.
John takes the initiative to always call to see how he can help and is very effective at cold calling.
I call him and amazingly, he calls right back (it seems lost in this world).
John is usually called in when things are getting out of hand.
John always will answer my calls and if not will call me immediately back, he is so reliable and trustworthy.
He always called when he said he would, kept me in the loop of everything that was going on, and called to wish me good luck for my first day.
He would teach me cold calling techniques by actually cold calling.
He was always willing to help out in any way that he could and went above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions.
John always goes above and beyond the call of duty to get you what you want when you want it.
It is good to know there is someone who knows what needs to be done when we call upon him.
He was often on call and was always willing to help out with any issues that would arise.
The co-moderator had recently called-in to say that he would not be available to serve.
John is always willing to help we called upon and extends himself without hesitation.
I have known him for several years, and can honestly say that he has found his calling.
He tells it like it is, and will call you out for not doing the most to help yourself.
If he doesn't know how to do something, he's likely a call away from someone who does.
John always gives his opinion and wants to sell-out anything that doesn't seem right.
He is very passionate about getting it right and goes well beyond the call of duty.
John is always on call, even when it is not convenient, and goes above and beyond.
I will always call on him first with the needs of that sort and others as they come up.
John even called us while he was vacationing to make sure all was going smoothly.
I can rely on him to be there for me and always come away from our calls uplifted.
To say that he went above and beyond the call of duty would be an understatement.
John more than once and he has gone beyond the call of duty on each instance.
John is one of those guys you call when you need to get some done and done right.
He knows everything there is to know about his prospects before he makes a call.
And if he didn't know something, he knew exactly who to call to get the answer.
Hire him or join up or call him or whatever you were considering - just do it.
I called him on his cell, he let me know he was just getting to the airport.
Nevertheless, he took on all calls, even those that he yet knew nothing about.
Above and beyond the call of duty is the only way he knows how to do things.
I would certainly welcome him call, and reach out to him without hesitation.