Call Center Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Call Center Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands the core of what makes call centers successful.
The call center was forever changed and better because of him.
John was either always there for my calls or would return my calls and emails promptly.
He is always willing help out when called upon and often goes above and beyond the call of duties to get the job done.
He should be your first and will be the last call that you will have to make.
He always called me first when he found an appropriate opportunity.
John is absolutely committed when it comes to setting up a call center.
I am proud to call him my colleague in this endeavor we call leadership.
He is always just a call away and if he misses your call, you will likely hear back from him within the next half hour.
At first there was nothing he could offer me, however five minutes after ending the call he called me back with a solution.
He truly went above and beyond from our initial call through to the very last edit.
If you are seriously looking to get better at selling, then you need to call him.
Invariably he was the one who was called to solve an immediate problem.
Not only would he call you back, yet he always responded with an email.
He goes above and beyond what his responsibilities currently call for.
Hardworking and dedicated, he goes above and beyond the call of duty.
If you are looking to sell, call him first, you won't be disappointed.
He should have been my very first call upon entering into transition.
John is someone, when required can go beyond the call of duty.
He is approachable and always willing to take your call and listen.
John goes above and beyond his call of duty at every opportunity.
If you are really ready, he is the only call you need to make.
He was very responsive to our needs, our calls and our queries.
I actually called him before starting one and that helped too.
He is superb at taking cold calling and making it warm calling in one session.
His experience within a call center environment was undeniable.
John was always my first call and will continue to be in the future.
He'll even call if he hears that you need help with something.
I've always known that his guidance was a phone call away and that my call would be welcomed.
Anytime a client calls him, he is very efficient in calling back.
John is one of those people who knows exactly who to call for whatever need you may have.
He will call you out if you do it and will help you get a better solution.
John is one of those people you look forward to calling on for help.
John makes people think and calls upon them to be their best selves.
John is always first on my list when people ask me who to call.
John, as we affectionately called him, always made himself available and made sure to really listen to us and our needs.
I found him to be consistently pleasant and he was available to take my calls even after hours.
He has always taken the initiative and was there whenever needed and even before being called in.
If he didn't know something, he had no problem acknowledging that, and calling in an expert.
He was always available when called upon, and his leadership abilities were outstanding.
He always goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to contributing to his company.
No matter who calls him, he always responses very soon, and provides with the help.
His candidates call him up to chat despite not looking out for new opportunities.
John called me out of the blue as he was referred to me by one of my colleagues.
In short, he went above and beyond the call to help me be the perfect candidate.
If you're out there looking for new opportunities, be sure to give him a call.
John knows who to call and what has to be done to achieve the wanted result.
I am truly privileged to call him not only my colleague, but more so my friend.
When you have a problem and you need help solving it, he's the one you call.
He delivered results without question and was always available and on call.
Best of all, he always responded to my emails or calls and followed through.
I almost used the word "collaborator, " but it's not enough to call him that.
If you are having problems with anything that crawls, he is the guy to call.
We are very appreciative of the results and will call him again if needed.
He is always there to take the call or respond to the email very promptly.
I would not hesitate calling upon him again to take me to the next level.
I can call him or email him with anything and there is always a response.
Vets if you ever get a call from him listen to everything he has to say.
He never tired even when it required him to be on call around the clock.
John was always available and quickly responded to our calls and emails.