Calm Performance Review Phrases Examples

Calm Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Focused, dedicated and calm when those around him are anything but calm.
Because of this, he was well liked by everyone and was the very best at calming the "nerves" of not so calm licensees.
He kept calmness and did the right things to help out and get things done.
He has a certain calm to him that calms everyone else down as well.
He is calm and knows how to get what he needs from an applicant.
All this with the calmness of someone who knows what he's doing, who he's working with and how to get things done.
He always keeps calm and identifies just what needs to be done so those around him can better focus.
And the best thing is that he is very calm and composed which will take him far in this profession.
John is passionate about what he does - always willing to help, and calm under pressure.
John is an epitome of calmness even when things are not going well and are uncertain.
Always calm whatever is thrown at him and willing to help whatever the circumstances.
Cool, calm and collected, he always knows the right things to say at the right our company.
At the same our company he knows how to keep you calm, even if things don't go your way.
John has a way of calming things down when things are at their most hysterical.
John always seemed to get things done and always looked calm and collected.
In everything he does, he is calm, considerate and above all collaborative.
He always seemed calm and collected, and was available for help and advice.
He makes everyone welcome and the atmosphere is one of calmness and peace.
He knows how to keep everyone calm and focused when the going gets tough.
What impressed him most about him, however, was how calm he was under fire.
He is willing to help anyone at anytime and calm under all circumstances.
Keeps his calm, does not panic and can think clearly even under pressure.
He could always be counted on to be calm when others around him weren't.
John is also always calm and collected, particularly when we weren't.
He has a calmness about him, which helps keep the people around him calm.
He is always willing to help and very calm during very uncertain times.
John always calms down and able to think and not go after emotions.
John is very calm and focused even in the most trying circumstances.
We all know it isn't, but his constant calmness makes it seem that way.
Levelheaded and calm were the assets he provided to his own programs.
He is always calm under pressure and there is nothing he can't handle.
John always is calm and considered even when those around him are not.
He is calm under pressure and always comes through when you need him.
He comes across as someone who is very calm, sober and well balanced.
Throughout it all, he was the most calm and collected of all of us.
People seem to gravitate toward him because of his calming presence.
Do not think his calm demeanor ever gets in the way of his tenacity.
He always seems to be calm and collected when everything is in chaos.
His calmness enables others around him to think clearly and safely.
He is always calm yet very resourceful when we need clarification.
He is very calm and low, but most definitely gets his point across.
He is very calm and professional, which in turn helped him be calm.
And never other than in his signature calmness and with composure.
He keeps calm even when the world around him can be quite chaotic.
John is the veritable calm before, during and after the storm.
He is very calm and will never jump on you to make things happen.
He is unflappable and calm, willing to think first and not panic.
When things got too stressful for him, he was always the calm one.
He keeps his calm and looks for the best way to solve the issues.
He is always calm, with sensible reactions in all circumstances.
John remained calm throughout and was always very approachable.
John is always calm, helpful and nothing is too much trouble.
He is always calm, constructive and very much liked by everyone.
He is calm and can handle just about anything that comes at him.
John is calming, knows just what to say and is a judgement-free.
He is calm in most situations, but especially so under pressure.
He really calmed our customers down and kept them from leaving.
He is always calm and he's always there to support to the team.
His leadership can best be described as calming yet impactful.
John is always calm even when under the greatest of pressures.