Campaign Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Campaign Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Him managers and him managers' managers would do anything to keep him around.
John is a manager that knows how to get the most from those he manages.
John manages how a manager should, not micromanaging.
He doesn't just manage up, but manages down and across the organization.
John is one of those managers who truly leads rather than managing.
The way he managed and still manages everything is remarkable.
I believe there are managers and there are leaders who manage.
I was his manager, but really did not need to "manage" him.
I was empowered by him to manage the way we had to manage.
He knows very well how to motivate and manage his managers.
He manages up and across just as well as he manages down.
John manages teams the way he would like to be managed.
I was relatively new as manager when John becomes my manager.
This is more than most managers could handle and after he left his role was managed by several managers.
His management style worked well for those he managed as well as his peers and managers.
He is one of those few managers who believes that successful manager is the manager who grows managers within a team.
He was very professional in managing our campaigns.
He is one of those managers that you always measure all of your other managers against, and none of them quite compare.
John is the kind of manager who makes sure things are done right, but doesn't micro-manage.
John is very organized and managed several different managers' needs as they were required.
He has taught me more about management than any other manager has ever done in the past.
He manages very well up with management and down with individuals in his department.
He adjusts his way to manage people by the way he knows they need to be managed.
The best part about being his manager was that he required very little managing.
He manages according to the appropriate priorities and does not micromanage.
John was a pleasure to manage, mainly because he didn't need to be managed.
John is one of those rare managers that know both how to manage and to lead.
John manages his own team well, and they appreciate his management style.
John is well appreciated by his manager and all other units' managers.
John's management style is one that should be desired by all managers.
I always admired how he managed both up and down the management ladder.
I have managed him, he has managed me, and we have equalled as well.
John is that kind of manager who manages well, but also knows his stuff.
His management style tends more toward leadership than management.
He never shows that he is a manager, but he manages everything.
John knows the difference between managing, and managing well.
Though he is our manager, but never felt like he is managing us.
He is the kind of manager who should be managing all the teams.
He is brilliant manager who knows very well how to manage a team.
He manages his time very well and manages others the same way.
As my manager, he didn't manage me in the traditional sense.
He has helped management become better partners and managers.
He has the potentiality to manage the commercial management.
I never knew how he managed it all and managed it so well.
John can manage people, but too few who manage are leaders.
Some he managed directly; others were managed by his team.
They are managing people around you and managing yourself.
He is not just a manager who manages only projects/people.
He knows how to manage junior as well as senior managers.
It also helped me to manage better change management.
He was the manager who gave me my first manager role.
John's style of management is to manage for outcomes.
Extremely capable manager of people and management.
John is a manager's manager, the best of the breed.
He was initially one of my project managers and then later on becoming my immediate manager.
John is one of the few managers that actually seemed to understand management.
Great managers don't come along often and John is one of those great managers.
I learned more about management from John than any of my other managers.
He is the only manager I've ever had that has managed to do this so well.
I've not worked for anyone better than John at managing management.
His management during the campaigns is impressive and appreciated.
While managing his campaigns he was proactive in optimizations.
He managed one of his most successful campaigns this past year.
The way he manages campaigns and stakeholders is exceptional.
He is inspiring, knows non-profit management and campaigning.
You can let him manage the campaigns, and you don't have to worry about what he writes.
He strives to get the best of every campaign, he is managing and encourages those around him to do the same.
We did a few campaigns together and he always managed to exceed his expectations.
He always on top of his campaigns and manages them with great efficiency.
He manages campaigns with extraordinary diligence & discretion.
From onboarding to ongoing campaign management he's fantastic.
His customers seemed very happy to have him managing their campaigns.
He manages a large group of campaign managers and a huge volume of campaigns with ease.
John is an outstanding campaign manager, mentor and colleague.
Actually mobile campaigns are there to be managed in his hands.
His expertise in online campaign management is especially commendable.
What is really commendable is that he was managing ten other things while he was handling this massive campaign.
He proactively followed all the guidelines and owned, the management of campaigns without much of his interference.
He goes that extra mile to ensure he gets the best outcome to every campaign that he manages.
He always managed to find that one nugget of insight that became the basis of the campaign.
You can rely on him to manage the end to end requirements to launch any big campaign.
He managed the campaigns from start to finish and was very effective in the role.
John's highly collaborative approach makes him an ideal campaign manager.
In addition, he is quite effective at launching campaigns and managing them.
He is also capable of managing multiple simultaneous email campaigns.
He also managed ad-hoc email campaigns as well with the same gusto.
He can manage the most crucial and vast campaigns single-handedly.
John managed a capital campaign for our non-profit organization.
All the way down to giving advice on managing an individual our company campaign.
His former colleagues had always relied on him when it comes to publisher management, effective campaign and new initiative campaign.
He is very creative and is always looking for fresh approaches to the campaigns he manages.
John always made sure everything went correctly, once the campaign was already closed.
Making sure you do the right thing for your campaign is critical and he will do that.
What you get is his best, every piece, every campaign, every day.