Candid Performance Review Phrases Examples

Candid Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He follows up with the candidate and does his best to get the right candidates on board.
The best thing about him, he always did what was right by the candidate.
He treated each and every candidate as if they were him only candidate.
These are the ones that make our company to be the right candidates.
Without his help, we wouldn't have found the right candidates.
He goes above and beyond to make sure that he knows exactly what you are looking for in a candidate.
John is the first candidate we interviewed and he stood out among all others as the best candidate.
He is very thorough with him our company and goes out of his way to get to know him candidates.
He is willing to go above and beyond for all of his candidates and well as him clients.
He is very thorough in looking into both the needs of his clients and him candidates.
He follows through with both himself and the candidate, before and after the appointment
He is someone that you don't want to miss out or mix among with other candidates.
John is very hardworking and knows how to get the best out of his candidates.
John has always made himself available to candidates, unlike other recruiters.
John gets to know the position first, then looks for the best candidates.
He would always go out of his way to help the candidates as well as clients.
He is very thorough and follows through with every candidate he recommends
He goes above and beyond what all other recruiters do for their candidates.
He does not just throw candidates at him, he gives him qualified candidates.
John is nothing but professional and candid with managers and candidates.
He goes above and beyond to make sure his candidates have what they need.
He always provides him with the feedbacks on his each and every candidate.
Paramveer goes all his way to get the right candidate for the right job.
John is the one who always had the most candidates each and every month.
John truly wants what is best for both the candidate and the client.
John makes sure that there are never any surprises with his candidates.
He then followed up very well with both the candidates and our team.
John is the candidate that recruiters wish every candidate could be.
John has placed several candidates with us over the our company six months.
He knows our business and what we're looking for in our candidates.
He listens to your needs and comes back with the right candidates.
If you want the right job done well, he should be your candidate.
John himself had all of the same attributes as him candidates.
He also follows up well with his clients and placed candidates.
The candidates that he has sent to him have been very qualified.
He is certainly one of the candidates to look for in your team.
John will go above and beyond for both clients and candidates.
He knows where to get the candidates when others are exhausted.
He made himself readily available to him and to his candidates.
He found candidates that we could never have found ourselves.
He and his firm always seem to have just the right candidate.
John is very candid as to what he can and cannot do if hired.
John found him the best candidate for his most recent position.
He is diligent with the our company that he does, always looking for the best candidates, not the most candidates.
The candidates he has sent through are too brief and he is always refining the qualities and experiences we need in our candidates.
Equally, where such candidates were not available, he has been candid in informing him of this - thereby not wasting his our company.
He is fantastic with candidates and is always concerned about doing what is best for the organization as well as the candidate.
He knows our requirements for the candidates we were looking for and he will do his very best to arrange such candidates for us.
He always did his best to go above and beyond as well go out of the way to help his co-workers, clients and candidates.
He is always available and goes out of his way to make sure that both clients' and candidates' needs are always met.
John also doesn't have an off switch; he is always on, looking for candidates with the right skillset/background.
He also makes himself available to the candidates whenever they are available rather than the other way around.
His candidate profiling is always thorough and accurate, and every candidate, he has provided has been qualified.
John is always thorough and really gets to know the requirements, so candidates are appropriate and on target.
He connects well with the candidates and always strives to give his candidates the best candidate experience.
There were times when we went through candidate after candidate and he kept finding ones that were qualified.
He's candid about what his firm can do and what it can't - and where to look if he's not the right solution.
He truly seeks out what is best for the candidate and he really wants what is best for them in their career.
He always has access to the best candidates and keeps the relationships with his clients and candidates.
He found us three candidates for our position and each candidate was well qualified and very fitting.