Care Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Care Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He goes beyond the what and how to factor in who cares and how much they care.
He cares and he does his best to get everyone else to care too.
He truly cares about taking the very best care of one's needs.
But more important to him as one who was 'managed by him' was his care and concern for the well being of those who he was managing.
He has a very holistic management style and clearly cares for the employees he manages.
As a manager, he always goes out of his way to make sure every employee is taken care.
He truly cares about the success of the individuals that he is managing.
John is an awesome manager that always made sure that you knew he cared.
John truly cares about those who he manages and shares in your success.
He would talk to him as his friend and take care of him as his manager.
As a manager who cares for his employees there can be none better.
John really cares about what he delivers, and always follows up to make sure you care about it too.
When he says he's going to take care of it, you can rest assured that it will be taken care.
Really cares about his employees and will go above and beyond to take care of you.
He cared about what we cared about, and that was evident in all that he did.
He made sure his troops were taken care of before taking care of himself.
He cares about the outcome and he really cares about everyone around him.
John cares for and nurtures each of us through his deep caring.
He cares about them just like he cares about his fellow employees.
He takes care of you as he has taken care of him over the years.
He not only cares about your company, but he cares about you.
It is out of his careful self care that others are cared for in such a sensitive, understanding way.
He very effectively manages to combine that with being an approachable and caring manager of people.
He cares about the people that he manages, especially when they make mistakes.
Mainly, he did what managers are supposed to do - take care of their people.
John also does this with the sincere care for all people he manages.
Not only that, he manages his people well and he cares about them.
He cares about people and he cares about the company and his management style allows both to be successful.
John cares for the people he manages for with the attention of a caring mother.
He really cares for what he does, and he cares for the people around him.
He cares for all the people around him more than he cares for himself.
He cares about people and makes sure their needs are taken care of.
His management style is that of a concerned and caring manager who encourages everyone under him to succeed.
John has also proven time and again that he is more than just a driven manager but also a caring manager.
He managed his customers and his manager with diplomacy, care and with an eye on the outcome.
He cares about those he manages and tries to help them be successful at whatever tasks/responsibilities/ventures they pursue.
He knows what needs to be handled and what is being taken care of, which makes him invaluable as a manager.
His management style is second to none because he actually cares about each of his reps well being.
He does this by focusing on the objectives while still managing to take care of the little things.
He manages to take care of all the little things and still keep the big picture in mind.
He cares just as much about the reps he manages individually as he does his own success.
He truly cared about the individuals he managed and had our company interests in mind.
Overall an amazing manager and one who cares about what he does in every detail.
He is forward thinking always ensuring that all he manages is well taken care.
He cares about his employees, not only at the management level, but all levels.
He takes care of everyone he manages and even those he's not responsible for.
Great colleague, even better manager, he truly cares for company employees.
Always felt well-taken care of by the organization he created and managed.
Through all of this, he is a great manager who cares about his employees.
As a manager, he truly cared about him, his well-being and his future growth.
He understands how to manage with thoughtfulness, care and discretion.
He is an effective and caring manager that truly loves what he does.
He applies the right amount of management and truly cares about us.
He truly cared about his candidates and the hiring manager needs.
He let him manage his territory and took care for the macro picture.
Most importantly, as a manager, he truly cared about your success.
Meanwhile, he's quite a caring manager and always ready to help.
He has passion and cares deeply about the folks he is managing.
His caring spirit comes through both as a friend and manager.
His management style is very tailored, authentic, and caring.
He makes sure that you are well taken care of, especially looking after yourself and your self esteem.
He really cares about everything he does, and always wants to do it well, whatever it might be.
He's not afraid to tell it like it is but, in the way he does it, you know he cares.
He knows the right way to ask for things and you can tell he cares about what he does.
The best thing is that he really cares that everyone has what they need to succeed.
He took care of all of our needs, even when it was outside of his responsibilities.
He cares as much about what happens afterwards as he does during the assignment.
John also cares about the well-being of others and goes out of his way to help.
He will make sure you're taken care of and is willing to help anyway he can.
He always took care of us to see if there is anything he can do to help us.
You don't have to go it alone, he is some who cares and is there for you.
John makes the impossible possible, and it does so because he really cares.
You just do not need to worry about anything, he will help and take care.
He cares and this is more than anything else makes him truly remarkable.
Working with him was always as he would take care of all necessary steps.
He cares about you and what happens to you when others only say they do.
If he says he'll take care of some, you don't have to think about again.
Reach out to him, he will definitely take care of you as much as he can.
Use him with care as you will always end up with more than you expected.
John cares about what he does and always does things in the right way.
If you tell him what he needs to do, he'll do it quickly and with care.
And it's always because he cares and wants the best for him and his biz.
You can tell he really cares about what he does and who he is helping.
Most of all, he was someone who cared about, and always got, results.
He also cares for others and does everything possible to help others.
John gets things done and while doing so caring about how it is done.
He really cares about doing things right, not just getting them done.
If he said he'd take care of something, you could consider it done.
This was something he did on his own because he cared about the fans.
Because he truly cares, gives back, and doesn't think twice about it.
John really cares about others and has always been very approachable.
He cares not just about what he does, but also why it is being done.
He really cared and was down to do whatever to help get things done.
You only have to ask him once, and then it's already taken care of.
John will make sure that whatever it is you need is taken care of.
John really looks out for you, he is very thoughtful and caring.
He will take care of you and make sure you're on the right track.
He doesn't just care about you to further himself, or his agenda.
He seems to be everywhere and always caring for others in need.
John is very caring and will do anything for you when needed.
John will never let you down, and will always care about you.
The client was always put first and you can tell he actually cares.
He is hardworking and is serious about the things that he cares.
Responsible, very careful and does his best on every assignment.
Everything he does, he does with so much care and compassion.
John has always been willing to help and take care of things.
He cares enough to make sure his help is exactly what you need.
He provides the best care for them as it comes from his heart.
G - as all who know and care about him is the best of the best.
He cares about others and will help out whenever he can do so.
John goes way out of his way to show others how much he cares.
He goes above and beyond while caring about those around him.
Meanwhile, he cares about what's right more than who's right.
He doesn't know how to and cares too much about what he does.
Our company one cares more about getting it done and done right that John.
If he says it's taken care of, you can believe it will be taken care of - not only quickly, but also expertly and in the best way possible.
Basically, when you ask him to take care of something, you can trust that he will take care of it efficiently and effectively.
He gives freely of himself to help everyone advance in taking care themselves and in becoming better care givers.
John doesn't care whether or not you're in a position to help him, he cares because that is just who he is.
Most of all, he is kind and caring and cares about the success of his colleagues.
John taught him how to genuinely care for others while still caring for himself.
John cares deeply about others and is very kind, caring and compassionate.
He genuinely cares and this care goes beyond his obligations or objectives.
John is very careful, helpful and sociable, he always cares for the other
John delivered results because he cared and cares about what he does.
They know he cares, by the way he always takes good care of them.
He genuinely cares and expresses that care at every opportunity.
Our company, John truly cares about those around him, and will do anything it takes to make sure they are well taken care of.
He cares about your our company experience, but he goes beyond that and he cares for your well being and happiness.
Not only did he care for our daughter, which was his primary mission, but he cared for and continues to care for us as the parents.
He is a truly caring individual who cares about his employees and their well being as much as he cares about the company.
He really cares about the people that he manages and listens to their problems and helps them get through them instead of just being their manager.
John has been his yardstick for any manager and his genuine care for the welfare of the people that he manages has no equal.
His management style is collaborative and he is a strong and caring mentor for those he manages.
He takes care of his people and manages them with a transparent management style.
In his management style, he manages a great blend of caring for his people, while also caring about the company and the mission.
John is that most uncommon of managers, one who really cares about his people and goes out of his way to do the best he can for each of them.
John care about him peers, manager(s) and the company he is with, and he goes above and beyond to anyone else.
John genuinely cares about the people in which he manages, both inside and outside of the workplace.
John is someone who truly cares about people and he is very fair in his management decisions.
What stands out is that he's not only dedicated but he cares about the people that he manages.
He truly cares about people, how they're treated and how they prefer to be managed.
He genuinely cares about his people - you can't ask for much more from a manager.
John really cares about his contingents as people rather than numbers to manage.
Thanks for being a manager and mentor who cares so much for his employees.
He is a manager who really cares about the people under his leadership.
His attention to the care and management of all departments is impeccable.
Last but not least, he's taking good care of his people as a manager.
From day one he has been an approachable, caring, motivating manager.
He also managed to take care of the employees, both on and off work.