Career Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Career Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I wish he could have been my advisor throughout my college career.
John is one of the best career advisors one should always have.
John is one of the best advisors I've had in my career.
John has been invaluable throughout my creative career as an advisor.
John was the best advisor during the transition of my career change.
John has been a mentor and advisor to me for most of my career.
John is my advisor regarding my professional career.
John is an experienced and passionate career advisor.
His career experiences have made him one of my trusted advisors for my own career path on several occasions.
I appreciate what he has done for me in my career and personally.
This quality of his will take him far in his career.
It will be one of the best projects of your career.
John has been an advisor and mentor to me even after graduation and into my professional career.
I have the privilege of not only calling him my career advisor, but also my friend.
He is my mentor, my advisor and I go to for several key career decisions.
John is an excellent advisor to individuals looking for a career change.
John is a passionate career advisor who does his best to help students.
Needless to say, he has remained a trusted advisor throughout my career.
He is very dedicated to his work and is an excellent career advisor.
He has always been an advocate and a trusted advisor to my career.
John is a phenomenal advisor when it comes to career decisions.
John was an effective speaker and excellent career advisor.
This is my trusted career advisor and outplacement consultant.
John is a very approachable and resourceful career advisor.
John has been a fantastic career advisor and friend.
As careers advisor, I have seen him go above and beyond in helping members.
John is my go-to advisor when I need to discuss anything career related.
John is an impressively knowledgeable career advisor.
John is the most dedicated career advisor, I've ever met.
You will not regret making John your career advisor.
John is the best person to have especially if you're looking for some direction in your career.
I look up to him for creative inspiration and wish him the very best in career.
I wish him all the best in his professional career as well as in person.
Everybody has that one person they look to for guidance in their career.
This is something that has stuck with me throughout my career in games.
John is definitely one of the influencing personalities in my career.
John is going to go very, very far in his career, and life in general.
John was one of the few persons who truly inspired me in my career.
I wish him all the very best in his professional and personal career.
I have learned more from him than any other person during my career.
Wishing you all the very best in your career and in personal life.
I believe has an exciting career ahead of him and wish him well.
John is very passionate about his career and is very personable.
A person you want to have by your side throughout your career.
I wish him all the best for his personal life and his career.
He did help me to know things to get my career started well.
I have followed his career movements and he has done well.
John is passionate about his career and his clients.
He was very creative and enthusiastic about his career.
John is obviously dedicated to his career and clients.
I placed him with one of my clients early in his career.
I wish him all the best for his career and life as well.
John is one of the highlights of my personal career.
John is the person who has most impacted my career.
Wish him all the best in his life and career as well.
John is about more than his career as a copywriter.
He is committed to his clients as well as his career.
It's great to see that his career has gone so well.
He was one of the best trainers we had and one of the best I have come across in my career.
John has been this person in my recent career.
Wentao will be his trusted advisor during his career journey going forward.
He wasn't even his assigned career advisor, but took upon himself to help himself and his own advisor get him a proper placing for a small internship.
John taught him how to be a career advisor and an efficient one at that.
He's definitely got what it takes to be a great career advisor.
Moreover, he does the same in his career advice and help to people in career transition.
John displayed his expertise as a career advisor since the very first meeting we had.
He set up workshops in partnership with outside career advisors and followed through on all phases of resume and career planning.
His insights as a career advisor were very valuable, and him enthusiasm unparalleled.
Him amazing expertise and positive attitude makes him an outstanding career advisor.
A trusted advisor, his rapid career progression has come as no surprise to him.
Over his career, he has nurtured several customers who view him as their trusted advisor.
He is also a career advisor who helps his clients and colleagues.
The things that he has taken on in his career, he has done very well.
John is a fantastic careers advisor and he will go out of his way to help as many students and colleagues as possible.
John is an expert career advisor, and he gains the respect of students immediately.
John is a valued mentor and advisor to him during the latter half of his career at our company.
He has served as a mentor and peer advisor in his career progression.
His experience and career success establish him credibility in dealing with advisors within any channel.
He helps others navigate their career changes and challenges and is a well-respected trusted advisor.
John is great as a career advisor, he gives honest and frank feedback, he does what he says.
As his advisor, he also took time to listen to his plans and hopes for a career.
If you're just graduating from our company and you thought our career advisors were great, you haven't witnessed anything yet.
John posses both academical career and self passion in his career life.
If you work with him as a candidate, he'll be your best advocate and career advisor.
John has also provided him mentoring knowledge and direction regarding his career, he is one of his trusted advisors.
His expertise in career planning was truly instrumental in the success of his new career.
John would always go out of his way to make sure that everything regarding his career path was going well.
This transcends into everything he does with his career as well.
He has helped him so much throughout his college career that he became his adopted advisor, but a better word for it is his mentor.
His honesty and knowledge sets him apart from all other career advisors we spoke with.
John became more than just a recruiter, but also a friend and career advisor.