Career Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Career Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I would recommend anybody who is looking to advance their career to consult with him.

I will not make any new career moves without consulting with him moving forward.

He has guided and consulted me on how to be successful in my career search.

John conducted a workshop for our consultants, many of whom have been consultants for more than five years.

He truly behaves like a career consultant and a partner for career enhancement.

He is really good at what he does and has always been there for all the consultants.

I am sure that is why he is successful and makes him the best consultant.

Highly recommended to have someone like him available for consultation.

His guidance helped me very much in the beginning of my consulting career.

John initial interaction with him was in the career consultation capacity.

John is a dedicated career consultant who has given me superb advice at every step of my career transition.

I've worked with many consultants in my career and he is one of the best.

He will always be an asset to anyone looking to expand their career and further their career.

John is the definition of "exceptional partner" when it comes to career consulting.

He provided excellent consulting regarding my career aspirations and goals.

John is one of the few consultants who goes out of his way to help everyone he meets.

He is extremely understanding and sincere with him consultants in what they are looking for in their career and opportunities.

John provided me with career transition consulting and my only regret was not finding him sooner.

As a career consultant, he understands the needs of the candidate and is always willing to help.

I've no doubts that he would achieve success in this role as he has in his consulting career.

John has opened up many doors for me to pursue my career in consulting and other assignments.

I will hire him again and strongly recommend him to anyone seeking career consulting.

His consultative selling style has proven him successful throughout his career.

His mentorship was invaluable to aspiring consultant for career advancement.

He met and exceeded all my expectations from him as a career consultant.

John is an excellent consultant that has a promising career ahead of him.

John is a well-respected and accomplished resume and career consultant.

I recommend anybody in a career fix right now to consult him for advice.

All of which enabled him to forge a very successful consultancy career.

John has parlayed a successful career in broadcasting into becoming one of today's premier career consultants.

I have followed his career since that time and he has steadily advanced his career.

John was an inspiration to all rookie consultants wanting to make a mark in the consulting world.

Working tirelessly he made himself available for consultation both before, during and after the period.

He knows success, but is humble and willing to help anybody in need of any consultation.

He is one of the truly exceptional consultants to be found anywhere in the world.

He was understanding, consultative, and always looking out for our best interest.

He was always available for consultation and his advice was always on the money.

He is by far the best consultant when you are considering what vehicle to buy.

He doesn't hesitate to help where he can and makes an excellent consultant.

John has always been responsive to my needs as an irrigation consultant.

He does all this while always taking an honest and consultative approach.

He really encompasses everything that you would want from a consultant.

John was one of our top consultants and we were sorry to see him leave.

He has always been available when needed for them urgent consultations.

Do something good for yourself and invite him over for some consulting.

John's basic consulting methodology has continued to serve me throughout my career.

I wish him every success in his consulting career and look forward to working with him again in the future as well.

He is a wealth of knowledge for someone who want to grow their career in consulting.

John is both knowledgeable and positive in his approach to career consulting.

I would recommend his career consulting services to anyone, in a stage of their career.

One can see how his personality would be conducive to his consulting career.

John is a tremendous career consultant and goes well out of his way to make sure that you're exactly where you want and need to be in your job search.

His sensitivity to others and his love of life suit him well in his consulting career.

He will be an asset to other career consultancies and outplacement providers.

He has always been very conscientious and energetic, and he has now brought this enthusiasm for his career to his own consulting company.

He is an outstanding career consultant who is dedicated and passionate about helping others.

John consulted with me in reaching my next level of growth throughout my pageant career.

His reassuring and affirmative consulting helped me immensely in my career growth.

He has been a wonderful friend, colleague, career consultant and confidant.

John has been a great mentor to me in starting my career in consulting.