Career Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Career Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Being in an industry that was new to everyone, it seemed as if he'd been there his entire career.

Those of us in the industry look up to him and admire what he has done with his career over the years.

Since then, he has had an illustrious career and is well known in the industry for his achievements.

He's been very helpful to me and my career through many changes in the construction industry.

He knows the industry inside out and is committed to helping you further your career.

I was just starting out in my career with very little experience in the industry.

John is one of the best leaders ever seen in my career with the telecom industry.

I wish him well as he continues his career in our competitive industry.

I wish him the best for his future career in the healthcare industry.

John has been the most valuable industry contact with my career.

John is already well known in his industry and I'm sure this is just the beginning of his career.

He has been such a help to me and my career in the IT industry.

He has a remarkably long career in an industry that does not really do long careers.

John has been very successful throughout his career in the pharmaceutical industry.

John is one of the best in his industry, he listens to what you want, you want out of your career and matches this perfectly.

He's already accomplished much in the consumer electronics industry but is still only in the first half of his career.

Sometime in your career, you get lucky by working with someone who is well-known and well-respected in your industry.

If you are looking to advance your career in this industry, he is definitely someone you want to speak with.

John has been a mentor to me in the staffing industry, as well as many others throughout his career.

I look forward to hearing great things about him in the industry as he moves on in his career.

I will continue to recommend him to anyone wanting to further their career in this industry.

With his experience in various industries should allow himself to enhance his career track.

John is one of the most industrious and passionate people I have come across in my career.

I have know him, work through many of my friends and colleagues within the careers industry.

John is likely the most respected people in the career transition/counselling industry.

I would recommend him for those who are seeking their next career step in the industry.

I've had the opportunity to work with and for many industry leaders during my career.

John's time in the industry and experience have been invaluable to me and my career.

We both started our career together, learnt many new things about gaming industries.

John brings enthusiasm and passion to everything he does in the careers industry.

This lesson has proved invaluable throughout my career across all industries.

John has had a distinguished career and is very respected in the industry.

John is extremely well versed in every aspect of the careers industry.

He is a good fit for our industry and will do very well in his career.

He stands out within his industry of education and career counseling.

He has a bright and very long career ahead of him in the industry.

He is very dedicated to his career and the industry as a whole.

John has extensive experience in the career college industry.

Have known John ever since both of us started our careers in the same industry, in different organisations.

I am sure that John will be successful in his career as he moves forward in the industry.

Always professional and willing to help as I got my career started within this industry.

His ideas and creativity to the industry are the best I have seen in my career.

John was my better half when I started my career in the semiconductor industry.

He helped me to start my management career with one of the best in the industry.

He is passionate about his career and dedicated to him entertainment industry.

I am sure he has a great career ahead in the telecommunications industry.

He has always given me good advice on my career, and the IT industry.

John's career in PR/Communications is one that many in the industry dream about.

John's knowledge of the automotive industry is tremendous and he has helped, not only my career, but the careers of many others through his leadership.

John has just about seen and done it all in his long career in the building materials industry.

John is one of the most respected resume writers in the careers industry.

John and I go way back in our hospitality careers in different arenas of this industry.