Career Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Career Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Being in an industry that was new to everyone, it seemed as if he'd been there his entire career.
Those of us in the industry look up to him and admire what he has done with his career over the years.
Since then, he has had an illustrious career and is well known in the industry for his achievements.
He's been very helpful to me and my career through many changes in the construction industry.
He knows the industry inside out and is committed to helping you further your career.
I was just starting out in my career with very little experience in the industry.
John is one of the best leaders ever seen in my career with the telecom industry.
I wish him well as he continues his career in our competitive industry.
I wish him the best for his future career in the healthcare industry.
John has been the most valuable industry contact with my career.
John is already well known in his industry and I'm sure this is just the beginning of his career.
He has been such a help to me and my career in the IT industry.
He has a remarkably long career in an industry that does not really do long careers.
John has been very successful throughout his career in the pharmaceutical industry.
John is one of the best in his industry, he listens to what you want, you want out of your career and matches this perfectly.
He's already accomplished much in the consumer electronics industry but is still only in the first half of his career.
Sometime in your career, you get lucky by working with someone who is well-known and well-respected in your industry.
If you are looking to advance your career in this industry, he is definitely someone you want to speak with.
John has been a mentor to me in the staffing industry, as well as many others throughout his career.
I look forward to hearing great things about him in the industry as he moves on in his career.
I will continue to recommend him to anyone wanting to further their career in this industry.
With his experience in various industries should allow himself to enhance his career track.
John is one of the most industrious and passionate people I have come across in my career.
I have know him, work through many of my friends and colleagues within the careers industry.
John is likely the most respected people in the career transition/counselling industry.
I would recommend him for those who are seeking their next career step in the industry.
I've had the opportunity to work with and for many industry leaders during my career.
John's time in the industry and experience have been invaluable to me and my career.
We both started our career together, learnt many new things about gaming industries.
John brings enthusiasm and passion to everything he does in the careers industry.
This lesson has proved invaluable throughout my career across all industries.
John has had a distinguished career and is very respected in the industry.
John is extremely well versed in every aspect of the careers industry.
He is a good fit for our industry and will do very well in his career.
He stands out within his industry of education and career counseling.
He has a bright and very long career ahead of him in the industry.
He is very dedicated to his career and the industry as a whole.
John has extensive experience in the career college industry.
Have known John ever since both of us started our careers in the same industry, in different organisations.
I am sure that John will be successful in his career as he moves forward in the industry.
Always professional and willing to help as I got my career started within this industry.
His ideas and creativity to the industry are the best I have seen in my career.
John was my better half when I started my career in the semiconductor industry.
He helped me to start my management career with one of the best in the industry.
He is passionate about his career and dedicated to him entertainment industry.
I am sure he has a great career ahead in the telecommunications industry.
He has always given me good advice on my career, and the IT industry.
John's career in PR/Communications is one that many in the industry dream about.
John's knowledge of the automotive industry is tremendous and he has helped, not only my career, but the careers of many others through his leadership.
John has just about seen and done it all in his long career in the building materials industry.
John is one of the most respected resume writers in the careers industry.
John and I go way back in our hospitality careers in different arenas of this industry.
Having him by your side at some point in your career is something anyone in the industry should experience.
His experience in the industry puts him way ahead of most who pursue this career.
John listened intently to his career aspirations and from his background in the industry understood well his career path.
He has achieved many goals and industry firsts in his career.
John can do anything he wants and he has done exactly that with his career and his life.
He has always gone out of his way to help him in his career and life.
His experience in the industry and contacts he has made throughout his career are simply remarkable.
Unfortunately for his discipline, industrial psychology, that is not a first choice for his career.
John will truly be an asset no matter what career position and industry he pursues.
He will make key contributions to the high-tech industry during his career.
John joined our company after a long career in another industry.
With this right mindset, he can further his career and contribute in this hospitality industry.
John's career has spanned decades that have seen the most change in our industry since it began.
He found a great match for him in his career industry change.
His career can only go from strength to strength as he navigates the next phase of his career.
He also provided him with numerous career tips, which were very vital during his career search.
John provided career recommendations at a critical time in his career.
Distinguished career that has made so far in the course of his career and is communicative & cooperative.
John came across to him as someone who knows what are his career goals.
Most recently we have had conversations about the next chapter in his career.
John will not only go far in career but most likely to the top in life.
There's no telling how far he's going to go in his life and his career.
Wishing him on his success for whatever he sets out to do in his career.
John, wish you only the very best for your future, career and life.
You'll never know how much you helped him in life and in his career.
All the very best for him throughout his life and career span.
He will take the time to listen and help you and your career.
John is truly an inspiration to him during his career search.
Not only in his career, but throughout many facets of his life.
Our company Noopur all the very best in his career and his life.
He gets to know each member and their career objectives and encourages career growth.
With the experience & achievements, he acquired throughout his career, he has always been an inspiration for everyone in his industry.
His diverse background and understanding of the cable industry has served him well in his career.
John also has a wealth of industry experience and provided him with excellent career advice.
John also talked about his own career and his path from our company into the creative industries.
His insights into placement and career strategies have been valued throughout his career.
His risk was one of the best things that could have happened to himself and his career.
Also, he is an example to be followed when it comes to an academic career
Thank you again for all you have done to change his life and career.
Of course he has acquired many competencies during his career.
He knows a lot in the game industry and transfers, many things to him which are really useful in his career.
John not only tries to help you with your career search he takes the time to get to know you and find out what you want in a career.
We maintained contact throughout the remainder of his career and his post retirement career.
He provided guidance to his career and it would be great if our career paths cross again.
John gave him great career advice and specific ways to target the desired industry for his career path.
John can look back on a very strong and consistent career in our company which he left to pursue a different career path in another industry.
He teaches you how to find out who you are and to go after what you want in your career.
He will help you with your career goals and make you the best at what you want to be.
He teaches you to think about what might be possible for your career path.
The well being of others and their career goals are in his best interest.
His goal is to help us at his best in our career progression.
During his whole teaching career, he is one of those students who are amazingly serious with his studies and career.
John in a go to guy, that can be depended on to know what he is doing and how to use the tools that are specific to his industry and career.
Jorina was very helpful to his career transition, the job he recommended was quite matching, even though they're in a different industry
Many of his students have gone on to productive careers in the meetings industry, elevating their own statuses and that of the industry.
But more than anything, his passion to do well, both in life and in his career, is something to can't be rivaled.
After his time with the company, he always made himself available for conversations to help him further his career.
John made him ask himself some really tough questions about himself, which took him forward in his life and career.
He does not just help you with your career, but gives you new perspectives on all aspects of your life.
He is ahead of his times and one day he will be the best in anything he will choose as his career.
It is evident through everything he does that he truly enjoys his career and his life.
Working with him will open up new possibilities for yourself, your career and your life.
Working with him was one of the most rewarding experiences at that time in his career.
Am sure he will be more successful wishing him all the best in his life and career.
He took the time to get to know him and asked the right questions about his career.
Here's wishing him the best of everything that him career, and life, has to offer.
He knows what he wants with his life and career, and seems to chart his own path.
It has been amazing to see how far he has taken his career and life since then.
You'd have to be asleep to miss the passion he has about life and his career.
He knows exactly what he wants in life and has great ambitions in his career.
John is going to go far in his career doing whatever he sets his mind to.
John has a never-say-die attitude which will take him far in his career.
He gives you a different perspective when it comes to career navigation.
All the assets he has prepared definitely help you to grow in your career.
Take him course and it will enrich your life and career in so many ways.
John embodies all these best practices inside and outside of his career.
These were one of the most enriching times of his career in the company.
One that will set him ahead of the pack for the entirety of his career.
Coaching him through two significant advancements in his career and life.
Despite his background, life and career, he doesn't make it about him.
John's impact and mentorship will follow him throughout his career.
John is a beacon for any who are searching for their next career.
It was done in one of the most expeditious fashions of his career.
John, your leadership directly impacted his career and his life.
John and his paths have crossed more than one time in our career.
Personally, he gave the best advices, both from career and life.
There is nothing that could stop him succeed in life and career.
In addition, we had many conversations about his career choices.
John set him on his career path, as he did for many others too.
John really understood how to get his career search on track.
John has enhanced his career progress and therefore his life.
It is the fuel to his life and career, and will ever be thus.
John has made a difference in his life as well as his career.
John began his career in the radio broadcast industry on a local level and migrated to the newspaper industry.
He has a great future ahead of him and will be an asset to whatever industry / career he chooses to pursue.
John will have a long and successful career in this industry, and hopefully our paths cross again soon.
He brings such career heritage, any company & industry sectors should be honored to have him on board.
And he helped him transition to a new industry and embark on a new career path.