Caring Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Caring Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

It as been said that “people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

He cares for talent and skills, but most of all he cares about the person.

He has the best skill ever: he does all the things he wants and cares for happen.

I have been particularly impressed with his caring and empathic skills.

Even if you have something better you found elsewhere, he'll let you know, because he cares for his clients.

He makes sure that you are well taken care of, especially looking after yourself and your self esteem.

John has been ever willing to help and goes out of way to make sure his customer's needs are taken care.

He goes above and beyond what's necessary and he truly cares about each and every customer.

John will go above and beyond to make sure that his responsibilities are taken care.

I can tell he cares about his clients and wants them to be taken care of when injured.

I cannot say it better than to tell you that he is conscientious as well as caring.

When he says he'll take care of something, you don't have to think about it again.

He cares as much about what happens afterwards as he does during the assignment.

When you ask him to do something you can be sure that it will get taken care of.

He cares, really cares about helping you with what you need at any given time.

John always went out of his way to be sure that everyone was taken care of.

John is someone who cares - almost as much as you do - about your success.

He has always gone out of his way to make sure everything is taken care of.

John not only cared about his customers, but also cared about his coworkers.

John didn't have to take the time to do this, but he did and actually cared.

You don't have to go it alone, he is some who cares and is there for you.

He made sure his troops were taken care of before taking care of himself.

He will take care of you and go out of his way to make sure it is done.

He is always there when you need him and really cares about his clients.

You can tell he really cares about what he does and who he is helping.

John also cares about doing the right thing for everyone he engages.

If he said he'd take care of something, you could consider it done.

John really cares about others and has always been very approachable.

He cares not just about what he does, but also why it is being done.

One of the best thing is he really cares about all of his students.

He made sure that everyone was taken care of while away from home.

You only have to ask him once, and then it's already taken care of.

John will make sure that whatever it is you need is taken care of.

He cares about those around him and does what he can to help them.

He seems to be everywhere and always caring for others in need.

You could tell he truly cared about each and every one of them.

I can't ask for better when it comes to caring about customers.

John certainly cares about doing things right - the first time.

Everything he does, he does with so much care and compassion.

He not only cares about your company, but he cares about you.

He actually cares and is not just going through the motions.

He was very professional and really cared about client care.

I have always found him to be diligent, thorough and caring.

He goes above and beyond and really cares about his clients.

He goes out of his way to be sure everyone is taken care of.

Genuinely wants to take care of you, and he knows his stuff.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of you.

He goes out of his way to make sure they are taken care of.

He truly cares about them and always follows up with them.

He cares about and makes sure that things get done right.

John is great at what he does because he truly cares.

He truly cares that his customers are well taken care of.

John has always given his all to care for the customer.

John goes above and beyond to take care of his clients.

He also followed up later, which really showed he cared.

He comes across as someone who cares about your success.

That's because he truly cares about all of his clients.

He really cares and goes out of his way to help others.

John will take care of anything that anyone may need.

He cares about what he does and doing the right thing.