Categorizing Data Performance Review Phrases Examples

Categorizing Data Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Also being data driven, he makes sure his recommendations are backed by data.
John sees data in the story that it tells and not just the data.
John identifies well with data (ie demographic/performance data).
What he did with the little data that we provided him, was outstanding.
He definitely knows what he's doing when it comes to user data.
And he has been doing it with much less data than what is available in today's data rich applications.
John always made sure the data going in would be the right data to create understanding with accuracy and precision.
He is so familiar with the transactional data, that he was often the go-to guy for data needs across the organization
With this, he was able to provide him with not only relevant data, but actionable data.
Him ability to look at data and create stories from that data was phenomenal.
In today's data economy, he clearly understands the untapped value of data.
His understanding of data mining and data crunching is exceptional.
He knows data like no-one else and finds the tiniest data conflict very quickly.
He knows exactly where to look to get what you need and can find data you didn't even know you wanted.
He's navigated through all of that well and has used data throughout to prioritize.
He always seems to know just how to drill down into data to make it more sensational
He's very thorough and always has good data to back up the things he wants to do.
John knows how to harness data to get things done in government.
He always wants to know why the data are trending the way that it is.
He probably knows more about data and its capabilities than they do.
Driven by data, he sure knows what actions should be taken and when.
Then he went through the data and tried to make sense of all of it.
John also gets that not everyone understands the data he provides.
Often he provides more data and insights than what is expected.
John also has an incredible way with data in a way that only someone who was also adept with data could truly understand, appreciate and articulate.
Secondly, his expertise with data and numbers, to make a sense of it and use that data is great.
He not only understands data, but knows how to analyze data in a meaningful manner.
He analyzes data, seeks clarity and understanding, and is very data driven.
John has a thirst for data and an elite ability to see stories in the data.
He's a data geek at heart and loves having data tell the story.
If he doesn't have the data at hand, he knows who has it and how to get it.
His ability to quickly look at the data and interpret the data for the findings is excellent.
And if he doesn't know something, he will gather more than enough data to become an expert on the subject.
He is adept at using data to back up what he says, and never refuses when you ask him for help.
He knows what he does in and out and knows how to deliver data quickly and accurately.
He would not rest until he would have the data analyzed through all possible dimensions.
He not only used that data to help him align/create our territories but also our quotas.
You can be certain that any statement he makes is backed by data and consideration.
He covered the basics and even made suggestions on what we could do with the data.
John understands that data does not have value unless it can be accessed and used.
He always made sure that questions were answered and necessary data were provided
John knows about as much as there is to know about data mining, and can apply it.
More importantly, he knows how to look beyond the data to see the story it tells.
John is, and will remain his first port of call for anything to do with the data
He provides you with all the data necessary to make a great first impression.
John would show us how to take data and simplify it to help tell the story.
John also looks after all our mailboxes and ensures we do not lose our data.
His commitment to following the data makes him smarter in everything he does.
He loves his data and knows how its clever use can make all the difference.
And he can think through the most ornery of tasks, such as data migration.
Johncar provided that and showed him some different ways of showing his data.
He used data as the jumping off point for many of these recommendations.
He always had valuable insight and different ways to look at the data.
What really sets him apart is his dedication to data and measurement.
Please do not hesitate to contact him if you require any further data.
What is more, he was able to provide him all data with this regards.
If you need someone who is able to drill down on data he is the one.
He went above and beyond the standard data requirements or requests.
He values your data as much as you do and is extremely trustworthy.
Always seen him playing with data before coming to any conclusions.
Additionally, he had actual data that backed up what he was saying.
John always has complete command of all the data at his fingertips.
What he doesn't know about data connectivity isn't worth knowing.
He always found a way to make the data meaningful and actionable.
He keeps an excellent database for all of us to use and share.
You could always depend on the numbers and the data he provided you.
John makes everyone smarter and enriches every data discussion.
John could dig into the data and see the wood from the trees.
John;s abilities with data and sales/marketing are exceptional.
He knows how to analyze data & clearly articulate his findings.
He truly made playing with data really fun in all his sessions.
He's cool on the outside, data and deliverables on the inside.
He explains his positions clearly and backs them up with data.
John doesn't just evaluate data, he looks at the total picture.
He combines data to make it look understandable and appealing.
He has great instincts and can back up his hunches with data.
His opinions are always steeped in data, and ever diplomatic.
To say that data is not his strong suit is an understatement.
John is very data driven and very methodical in his approach.
John is the glue that holds data together here at our company.
He's driven by data and uses search data to provide recommendations and solutions.
He really is a champion for data subjects regarding data ethics - every organisation needs one.
John judges more than just the data that comes back from his reports.
John also knows how to use data to drive decisions effectively.
Analytics come naturally and he uses data to drive decisions.
He is beyond categorization, he cannot be boxed into one attribute.