Category Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Category Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was always first to offer help and expertise regarding the categories that he managed.
He always made himself available and helped us successfully manage the category.
John was as category manager responsible for the category 'season and toys'.
John was responsible for the management of a major category and was an excellent manager.
John has always acted in the latter category, regardless of the assignment.
And best of all, he is able to do this for any kind of category.
He has done that on at least three categories he managed which confirms this is no accident.
It is not an exaggeration to say that he belongs only in the best managers category.
Him categories were always well managed and the most profitable for the company.
Somehow, he managed to make this category seem interesting and exciting.
John would definitely fall under the latter (great manager) category.
John is the visionary who created the log management category.
He made a significant difference in the categories he managed.
John has established himself as a category management expert.
He managed to pick up different categories quickly and always did well thought through recommendations.
John is in the category of "outstanding efficient manager", he is thorough, organised and assertive.
John also helped to manage and set up some advanced categories and more.
He belongs to one peculiar category of managers are born and not made.
John brought new approaches to category and shopper management.
Doing this he managed to improve our company's ranking in many categories.
John is in the latter category, and should be respected for it.
In every category, his attributes have always been outstanding.