Certified Personal Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Certified Personal Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is often my go-to person for corporate and personal advice.
Feel free to contact me personally should you want a personal recommendation or to discuss his talents with me personally.
He has been an amazing trainer for me personally and for our team.
John is a very learned person, he is methodologically well organised person.
John's personality makes him a great person to be around as well.
I would personally say, he is a talented & very understanding person.
Besides being very talented and personable, he's a great person.
He's also personable and clearly a person of character and integrity.
He is very personable, approachable, intelligent and warm person.
John is an intelligent, capable, and a very personable person.
John is an inspirational person and trainer: he has a natural flow, is personable and inspires people to think and take action.
John is an amazing trainer, motivator, colleague, collaborator and a person.
His personality comes across as a very accessible person and easy to get along with.
He is the type person who will make his next employer a very fortunate person.
He is the loveliest person to interact with in person as well.
John was an outstanding personal trainer and he worked with me for over two years.
John has worked been a personal trainer for both myself and my husband.
He adapts quickly to meet the needs of the person or persons he is engaging.
He is also a more personable person, with lots of patience and courtesy.
He is a personable person who will always take time to meet someone.
He also gets to know his clients on a person to person basis.
John is an excellent people person and let me grow as a trainer.
John is not only an exceptional trainer and leader, he is an incredible person.
John is an incredible person who thrives as a trainer and mentor.
He is a very personable, easy going person which made it fun as well.
Because he is well cooperate person, friendly and intelligent person.
He's the type of person that when you've got risk advisory questions, you'd think of him as the go to person.
He is very kind person which anyone would like either to talk over the phone or meeting him in person.
John is a very personable, and talented person who looks for the positive in everything he does.
I do not know much about him personally, but can always talk highly about the kind of person he is.
His vivacious personality is obvious online and it's the same way when you meet him in person.
Aside from his talent and dedication, he is a very personable person everyone needs to know.
He is also an extremely friendly person whose personality is an asset to any organization.
He is hardworking and talented person with a pleasant personality.
John is the high achieving person and very results oriented person.
John is an incredible person and would be an asset to any person or organization.
I highly recommend him as a kid's trainer, personal trainer and running coach.
John is a person of great integrity, who is not only very personable, but down to earth.
I have found him to be personable and highly efficient, as well as a person of integrity.
John is a very intelligent person who is also blessed with an excellent personality.
Likewise, he is also a person of great personal integrity and leadership.
Furthermore, he's a person with robust personal values and integrity.
He is the person you want to have beside you when you go shopping.
Highly personable and good insights make him one of the best trainers in his field.
If you're looking for someone who can do these two things he is the person to utilize.
John becomes the go-to person when things need to get done and done well.
He has always presented himself professionally on the phone and in person without taking anything away from him very personable character.
John has the ability to adapt to any person and understands the importance of personality styles.
A person of tremendous personal character and driven to succeed for himself as well as his employer.
First and most important, he is an incredible person and puts you as a person first.
As a person, his energy is off the chart and his personality engaging.
I am looking forward for an opportunity to meet him in person.
John is an engaging speaker and the type of person that you just cannot help but be impressed by when you meet him in person.
His enthusiastic personality emanates through, not only in person, but in emails and phone conversations.
He might not be the most active person in class, but surely is the person always with precise insight.
He is incredibly personable and lights up the room with his effervescent personality.
John is a person on whom one can depend, and a person of integrity.
As a trainer, he taught me about personal branding and how to find my value to be different from others.
John is an exciting and innovative trainer who keeps his audience engaged with the use of props and personality.
He is truly the go-to person if you want to get something done in your company or your life.