Change Management Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Change Management Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is consultative in his ideas and brings about change effectively.
He helped me change my view towards the consulting companies.
He has been an approachable and mild-mannered manager that we could always go to for consultations.
I have no doubt recommending him to anyone who is looking for effective management consulting.
I wish him all the best and recommend him for any relevant consultant or management position.
John was responsible for oversight and management of our consulting entity.
His liaison with the managers and the consultants is flawless and efficient.
John is the type of management consulting that everybody should hired.
John was much more than just a manager of the group of consultants.
John was my manager during my first years as a consultant at our company.
John has several years experience in consulting and management.
On the whole he was a very well respected management consultant within the organization.
John is the consultant for any organization struggling with management challenges.
John is an experienced, innovative and an enthusiastic management consultant.
John's management style is inclusive, consultative and engaging.
I also managed him when he was an international assignment consultant.
John knows how to partner with consultants to achieve successful change.
John is one of rarely found management consultants who actually know how to get the job done.
He was the "provider of choice" for most managers that were looking to hire consultants.
John is a seasoned leadership/organizational consultant and change expert.
He change the mainstream flow of consulting with meaningful insight.
John is an excellent example of everything an outsourced affiliate management consultant should be.
John was an excellent manager who provided plenty of opportunities for consultation and feedback.
He is very good at seeking out developmental opportunities for our consultants and managers.
John is both an outstanding consultant and an extraordinary manager, which is rare indeed.
He brought in and managed other consultants and experts as needed on various efforts.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a colleague, manager or consultant.
He is clearly someone well suited for a management or consultative selling position.
This has been the cornerstone of his success as a manager and as a consultant.
I'm very happy to recommend his management advice and consulting expert.
I recommend him both as an experienced consultant and a dedicated manager.
He was extremely consultative in his approach with managers of all levels.
He is an amazing consultant with great expertise in interim management.
John is a solid standout among leadership and management consultants.
John is a dynamic management consultant who is results orientated.
His assignments were clear and he is a good consultative manager.
John was hired as a consultant to help with change management of a newly acquired company.
He is among those for whom one might consider changing companies.
He was well liked and respected then and nothing has changed.
John drove change within an environment that truly was not ready for change.
After that, he kept "fighting" to change, making the change "stick".
As our needs changed, he was instrumental in managing our requirements.
He knows what it takes to create change and manage the transition.
John has all needed competencies to provide management consulting.
During this time he managed two external consultants effectively.
John was one of my first managers and made my initial experience in consulting that much smoother.
John made him consultants better and he in turn made me a better manager as well.
His well rounded experience in management consulting was very valuable.
John is an extraordinary staffing consultant to our hiring managers.
John has an uncanny ability to manage his workload in half the time than it would take many other consultants.
John was an amazing manager and was the primary reason that myself and our other consultants were successful.
John is one manager who does not put the pressure on the consultants, but, gets the deliverable on time.
At the same time he manages to keep it fun and interesting, so the consultation isn't boring.
His transformation from management consultant to the author has given us even richer rewards.
John has an extensive management background, both as an employee and as a consultant.
John has successfully managed search campaigns and has provided excellent consultancy.
John also managed any consultants that were temporarily unassigned ('on the bench').
He is a well rounded management consultant that does exceptionally well in the change management and process excellence space.
His ability to change with the changing needs of an organization is commendable.
In an ever changing lending environment, he has been on top of all of the changes.