Change Management Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Change Management Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He makes it clear that if you want change, you have to make changes.
John also empowers you to see how things can change if you change what you doing.
He's not afraid of change, but never changes for the sake of changing.
Above all, he has the strong desire to change and make changes.
Not only did he always listen, he always seemed to manage to change things for the better.
He made his way very well coupled with change management associated with the new initiative.
I would not change him being my first manager fresh from university.
John managed the show very well despite ever changing situations.
He manages change extremely well and is always looking for an edge.
He has been very responsive and an expert in change management.
Him change management expertise is obvious for everyone to see and he is very strong at stakeholder management.
John manages for transformation and effectively manages adversity and resistance to change.
It was not an easy discussion, and he managed to conduct the change management effectively.
A change management specialist his approach to strategy is simple and effective.
Some of his strengths were changed management and reorganization.
John is one of those managers you hope to get whenever you change your job.
He has the ability to manage enterprise change without forcing enterprise change.
He has the know how and the wisdom to tell you what you need to do for immediate change.
You will know that you have been changed just by being in his space.
He was very thorough then – and this has obviously not changed.
John explained every change and why the change was beneficial to me as he made them.
John we saw ourselves profoundly changing, and our world was changing with us.
He somehow managed to keep everyone on track while always being friendly - even with last minute changes.
He managed all the change without issue, and challenged others to be better at everything they did.
He delivers on what he says he will do and provides change management expertise and insight.
I think it is safe to say that he was regarded as one of our best change management experts.
John was very efficient, managed my expectations and helped me make the necessary changes.
John has been invaluable to organisations in his contributions to change management.
He is adept at managing change and delivering where there is apprehension/resistance.
He is an excellent change manager who understands how to take it to success.
He makes navigating through change management initiatives appear seamless.
John was an exceptional manager who would handle change very effectively.
John's keynote inspired many managers to look at change differently.
John excels at adapting to and managing change within an organisation.
John taught me so much about leadership, change management and much more.
He made me change my (and many others') perception of women managers.
John is extremely effective at managing through change and challenges.
I would recommend him in any role where change management is needed.
John is an expert in managing complex transformational change.
He also shows strong leadership in regards to change management.
John is dedicated and inventive in his role as change managers.
He has an excellent approach to change and problem management.
He is an excellent manager very proactive and welcomes change.
John has all of the attributes of a successful change manager.
He completely changed my approach to managing more effectively.
As a manager, he is always on top of things and open to changes.
He enabled us to effectively deploy our management of change.
He is dedicated, responsive and acclimated to managing change.
He is an expert in the diversity and change management arena.
He understands how disruptive change can be and focuses on how to best manage that change to get to the desired state.
He was one of very few that we were easily adopted to a change and managed the change in an effective way.
He is articulate in proposing changes, and sophisticated in his approach to managing that change.
John's change management expertise is invaluable to the organization.
John is resilient, adaptable and very engaged at managing changes.
John is an unflappable, pragmatic change manager and facilitator.
John excels in the areas of re-organisation and change management.
He understands all these areas completely and how to manage getting them started, managing what is there and creating change.
John managed the changing workforce and the changing protocols with ease.
John managed to change this situation in less than one month in the job.
John also taught me the importance of managing expectations and change.