Change Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Change Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John stood out as the one of the best of the best when it came to change management.
He makes it clear that if you want change, you have to make changes.
Him change management expertise is obvious for everyone to see and he is very strong at stakeholder management.
John manages for transformation and effectively manages adversity and resistance to change.
It was not an easy discussion, and he managed to conduct the change management effectively.
John did not come in like most turnaround managers, and make immediate sweeping changes.
Not only did he always listen, he always seemed to manage to change things for the better.
He made his way very well coupled with change management associated with the new initiative
He taught him that there is more to change management than what you see on the surface.
John managed the cultural change better than anyone else that came from his company.
Someone outside the company was the one that told him his manager changed.
Not only did he manage to deliver that change, he did it masterfully.
John managed the show very well despite ever changing situations.
Some of his strengths were changed management and reorganization
John is one of the most diligent and proactive change managers.
He has been very responsive and an expert in change management.
John excels at and is truly passionate about change management.
Surely there are lots of resistance, and he managed to change.
John, being the our company manager, has always been at the front of this change.
John will change the way you think about customer management.
John manages well in both crisis-management situations as well as proactive change environments.
John is a passionate change manager with a wealth of change management experience that he is always willing to share.
John's strengths are particularly with people & change management.
If the change was the right thing to do he managed and supported that change at our company.
He follows through on his commitments and is very responsive to changing needs and changing demands of the organization and management.
Not only does he understand change management, he is a catalyst for positive change.
John's change management and cross-organizational management models are superior.
So he not only knew what needed changing, but how to get him to make those changes.
John believes in changing things for the better and not just for the sake of changing.
John also empowers you to see how things can change if you change what you doing.
He never seems to be afraid of change if the change is for the better.
John has changed his life for the better and he will change yours.
Above all, he has the strong desire to change and make changes.
John truly demonstrates what change management is and thus the qualities of a great change manager.
As our needs changed, he was instrumental in managing our requirements.
John can influence and manage change in multiple cultural environments and at all management levels.
He somehow managed to keep everyone on track while always being friendly - even with last minute changes.
He managed all the change without issue, and challenged others to be better at everything they did.
Saradhi handled this role very well and was well on his way to manage before he changed roles.
This made him more conscious about himself, even managing to positively change some of his habits.
He delivers on what he says he will do and provides change management expertise and insight.
He took the initiative to make the change, and convinced his management to allow him to do so.
He managed especially well despite the overall aversion to change that is inherent in groups.
Such change does not come easily for anyone, yet he managed to do so with admirable results.
He manages change extremely well and is very well-respected and liked in our organization.
In our company he has managed to change many things for the better through some key concepts.
He understands what is possible in change management and is always keen to help.
He knows how to manage his time, even during his changing and growing tasks.
He makes navigating through change management initiatives appear seamless.
He took swift and appropriate action by changing management and attitudes.
More importantly, he managed to maintain this change throughout his tenure.
His sociability and adaptability to change make him an inspiring manager.
John's keynote inspired many managers to look at change differently.
John taught him so much about leadership, change management and much more.
He made him change his (and many others') perception of women managers.
John managed this in spite of changes in leadership and priorities.
John's change management expertise is invaluable to the organization.
He is responsible for the organisational change management component.
His experience and approach to change management was very impressive
John's demeanor never changed during his rise to upper management.
His workshop change management and self-leadership was mind blowing
As such, he adds significant value in change management situations.
He knows what it takes to create change and manage the transition.
He also shows strong leadership in regards to change management.
He successfully initiates and manages change in the organization.
He completely changed his approach to managing more effectively.
As a manager, he is always on top of things and open to changes.
He enabled us to effectively deploy our management of change.
His methods will completely change your outlook on management.
He is responsible for managing the approved standard changes.
He is dedicated, responsive and acclimated to managing change.
John immediately began managing the territory through change.
He contributes the our company in restructuring and change management.
His thought leadership in process management, cultural change, and change management is unparalleled.
Amongst others, his strengths lie in stakeholder management, conflict management and change management are class apart.
John won't just help you get something done, he'll help you change the way you do it.
He's always looking to change things for the better and to do things right.
John makes you think about your actions and what you need to do to change.
By the way, he was the first one who recommended him to make that change.
You will know that you have been changed just by being in his space.
It is in him our company - something which will never change.
He understands all these areas completely and how to manage getting them started, managing what is there and creating change.
John is not only his manager; he was his guide and mentor in the fascinating topic of organizational change management.
As a change manager, he has the ability to indicate new directions for managers and to guide them on the right track.
He relates well to all levels of management and is a great facilitator of change management.
He manages himself and people around very well, especially in a changing environment.
John is his go-to guy for configuration questions and change management.
John's is able to see through the grey areas of change management.
His presentation on how we manage change has stayed with him since.
His driving power for change management has always been amazing.
John excels in the areas of re-organisation and change management.
John's management and advice changed the course of his career.
He understands how disruptive change can be and focuses on how to best manage that change to get to the desired state.
Given his organizational expertise, he is effective at managing change and helping others through changing times.
He understands the realities of change management while pushing for the right scale and pace of change.
He changed companies for the better before "change management" was recognised as a discipline.
This was a major change for our company and he helped manage the change to our company.
John adapts well to change and maintains a positive attitude when managing change.
At first, he can help by guiding you to change your thoughts, something that can change your life.
John explained every change and why the change was beneficial to him as he made them.
John we saw ourselves profoundly changing, and our world was changing with us.
John changed his whole point of view around what makes change sustainable.
John came to talk about change and how to proactively embrace change.
After that, he kept "fighting" to change, making the change "stick".
John managed to change this situation in less than one month in the job.
John knows how to manage change, recognising the most important factor to change being people.
Working for our company for so many years, he's great with change management, fast-paced environment and he need little to no management.
He is capable of managing change, and keeping large ships afloat through change while the change happens within, and external to the organizations he manages.
He manages change well and is willing to go above and beyond for his customers and employers.
He also made himself available to all of the employees to help them manage through their individual uncertainties and eventual changes.
He manages to challenge the way you look at things, whilst being open to having his own opinions challenged and changed.
However, one of the stars in his achievement has been the living example of change management that he himself is.
He is a manager that knows when to go with the flow and when he needs to step in and change what is happening.
He is extremely effective at managing the significant change that was made throughout our organization.
Adding to that, he managed the ever-changing whims and expectations of three serial entrepreneurs.
Also, when things did not go as planned, he very effectively managed the change that was required.
He managed to do this with an unprecedented level of buy-in from those affected by the changes.
His strengths are in change management, outcome orientation, and his never-ending enthusiasm.
Game changing as he has managed in less than a year what we have tried for almost a decade.
John's particular strength is in helping employees and managers transition through change.
He certainly has a passion for results and is successful at understanding and managing change.
His ability to manage change and expectations with such tenacity is what gives him his edge.
John highlights that managers of the past often mandated change, but did not follow it.
His commitment was unwavering during even the most difficult change management challenges.
He manages change enthusiastically and never fails to get the buy in from those involved.
He got along well with all participants, fostered change and helped empower all managers.
He's on the verge of changing the way we manage our address books with his new startup.
He adapts well to change and has the flexibility to manage whatever you throw his way.
He manages change effectively and escalates as necessary to keep deliverables on task.
John is able to manage change and creates environments where others can be successful.
He turned many in management into believers and left the organization forever changed.
His wisdom and intellect when it comes change management is remarkable and inspiring.
His extensive experience in management allows him to see the bigger impact of change.
John managed to change the mindset and influence for the better the powers that be.
He managed several different groups over the years, so he had to change hats often.
John really changed his traditionally cynical perception of managers for the better.
His understanding of the change management requirements and its challenges is high.
More importantly, he understands how to manage change within complex organizations.
His approachable management style and sense of humour were also welcome changes.
His ability to manage change by "walking the talk" is what made the difference.
His well honed insights in change management make his success look effortless.
John not only exceeded expectations, but managed to dramatically change them.
John's passion and enthusiasm for managing transformative change is enviable.
John can manage through organizational change and listens with an open mind.
John also has shown the ability to manage organisational change and priorities.
He maintains flexibility and seems to manage change with poise and grace.
John managed to make the necessary adjustments and push through the change.
John's ability to gracefully-and graciously-manage change is unparalleled.
His full recommendation for him on transition and change management roles.
His insights into managing change and creating success were very useful.