Channel Marketing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Channel Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is constantly thinking ahead and looking at new ways to connect to target markets by using different marketing channels.
John has proven to be a highly efficient marketer with strong expertise in channel marketing.
John's deep expertise in the areas of marketing and channel management are beyond compare.
What impressed me most is not only his knowledge in almost every market channel, but also his capability in other areas beyond marketing.
I was blessed to work with him on several joint marketing and channel marketing campaigns.
John knows his market, his channel and how to get it working.
John is a talented marketer and also one who truly understands his market.
Johns management of marketing programs and closed loop marketing is superb.
He has taught me so much about marketing to the various partner channels.
He embraces new marketing channels and adopts them in an appropriate way for our segment.
John would go above and beyond to ensure his marketing channel was fully optimized.
He is insightful and thoughtful of channel and marketing issues.
He is the go to guy in vertical channel marketing and reaching the value added reseller channel.
John also provided great market feedback and ideas that translated into marketing campaigns that were rolled out in the channel.
He was also excellent in opening new markets and channels for the organization.
He also has an unusual understanding of multi-channel marketing.
John always had on a marketing hat, meanwhile making and exceeding his numbers and ramping effective channels in new markets.
He is always on top of all marketing channels and can help most any business with multi-channel marketing solutions.
He knows how to manage the channel in a different country with different culture.
John understands the challenges and needs of channel management.
I have found his knowledge of the market and his channel to be exceptional.
He is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of marketing and channels.
He was always looking to improve every single marketing channel.
John is a solid marketing manager who especially understands and works well with the channel.
He not only managed the creative marketing aspects of these channels but all of the channel analysis as well.
John has an excellent reputation in the channel market, thoroughly understands the market, and knows how to work well with the partners.
John was a good manager, had in-depth knowledge of marketing and the current marketing trend.
John often managed a highly-leveraged team of channel marketers.
John is a very experienced direct marketer with a deep understanding of all marketing channels.
He is someone who has both the breadth and depth of marketing expertise across multiple channels.
John understands the roles different marketing channels offer and using them accordingly.
John has been a wealth of info and expertise across all of our marketing channels.
John was always open to try and push marketing activities by trying new channels.
He knows and understands the go-to market strategies needed for the channel.
John comes off highly recommended to manage any company's affiliate marketing channel and grow it successfully.
John is an excellent channel marketer and partner program manager.
John has an immense experience in channels across global markets.
His experience in multiple markets and channels is invaluable.
John is an innovative marketer and able to harness both traditional and online channels to reach the market.
John really understands all the dynamics of marketing and how one channel can influence others.
I can also say how he good he understands cross-channel interactive marketing.
John is a thoroughly passionate channel manager who won't take no for an answer.
John has my highest recommendation for any channel management position.
John has been our company's channel manager for several years.
Additionally, he is an expert in channel marketing and knows what works and what doesn't.
And this was in addition to the web channel that he was also managing while transitioning from offline marketing.
As an international marketing manager at one of our vendors we found him to be channeled friendly and made marketing seem easy - always a sign of someone good at what they do.
His perspective on marketing is that of an experienced businessman, first, and then as a talented marketer.
John is an enthusiastic and talented marketeer who sees the bigger picture with marketing.
He's not afraid to think outside the normal marketing channels and come up with unique solutions.
John did this by continuously innovating and leveraging multiple marketing channels.
He also has a keen eye on new technologies and marketing trends, he is at the forefront of the latest marketing channels.
John is a highly focused marketer who applies a much needed multi-channel approach to marketing.
John is an e-channel manager who is up-to-date on the innovations and market trends in his area of expertise.
John does not settle for the status quo - he is always looking for new marketing techniques and new channel approaches.
John has an excellent understanding of the channels to market along with their unique challenges and needs.
I'd recommend him to any company looking to advance their presence through connected marketing channels.
John has an excellent understanding of his consumers and competitors (all channels) in his market.
Also, he understands the simple as well as sophisticated channels that marketing relies on.
He hired two awesome marketers and was able to see exponential gains from his channels.