Channel Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Channel Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was a very detail oriented and thorough channel sales manager.
John is an excellent overall channel manager, and sales professional.
John will be a top performer in any sales or channel sales organization.
He is an excellent sales manager with strong and diverse channel and direct sales experience.
He has extensive knowledge and expertise in channel sales management.
John is well respected among his peers and his sales channel.
John was my sales manager, he really came through for me in many ways during various tough situations.
John is always positive and pleasant to be with, which is of course an advantage of sales manager.
John is one of those sales managers where you feel they have your best interest at heart.
Perhaps they'll find most useful the diversity of his sales management background.
Furthermore, he possesses excellent capabilities in both sales and management.
John has vast experience/success in both sales and marketing/brand management.
I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a strong sales manager.
I would have no hesitation in endorsing him for any sales management role.
John provides a very clear approach with regards to sales management.
He could have told me to discuss it with my sales manager; but didn't.
In sales and management he valued the customer/employee and it showed.
He confirmed our believe that he was was an excellent sales manager.
He took me under his wing as my sales manager to show me the ropes.
I would definitely recommend him to any management or sales position.
He is the type of sales manager that all should aspire to be like.
He has always been very effective in a sales and management role.
He is not only a superstar in sales, but also an awesome manager.
I would recommend him to as extremely capable sales management.
He could certainly become a solid sales manager in the future.
John is a thoroughly experienced and qualified sales manager.
He is an asset across channel sales, management and partnership and absolute go-getter.
John has been a very positive and effective leader and manager in the channel and sales management for the company.
John combines expertise in technology, sales and management, with an especially strong understanding of using sales channels effectively.
John manages to get the most of his reps and sales manager in a very upfront and positive manner.
During his sales assignment, he was very focused to drive each of the channels.
He is sought after for his ability to drive sales through various channels.
He is easily one of the most effective sales reps within the channel.
John also proactively requested to manage our channel sales, which required him to sell directly to partners and through partner managers.
He has been an excellent sales executive and was promoted to sales manager.
Meaning, that he is one of the few that understands what a sales manager is really supposed to do.
John is definitely a veteran in sales management, who will strive for nothing but the best.
John is not only an energetic and excellent expert, but also an inspiring sales manager.
John is an excellent sales manager and provided input and recommendations when needed.
He is a terrific individual contributor, but has become an even better sales manager.
John has succeeded at every position he has held, from sales to upper management.
John is so effective as a manager because he knows the sales role inside and out.
John was a great sales manager and always available to step in and help as needed.
Finally, he knows how to manage a sales force and to inspire others to excel.
John was an extremely effective manager who always helped the sales force.
John is a fantastic sales manager, he's always very helpful and thorough.
He has expertise in federal sales, indirect and channel/partner management.
And even when he has become a sales manager, he was still a very humble man.
He will excel in any sales role and is an ideal candidate for management.
John will make an excellent addition in a sales or management capacity.
John is a terrific sales manager and someone you can trust immediately.
John sales managers looking to employ a go-getter should look no further.
This is how an ideal sales manager treats salespeople that he trusts.
John is the highest measure of what you expect from a sales manager.
John is a sales driven manager and wants to beat the competition.
He is a true businessman and very talented at sales management.
John is incredibly sharp when it comes to managing a sales force.
He has played an important role in establishing our wealth management sales channel.
John is a sales professional that can manage the dynamics of channel sales efforts while closing sales pursuits with end customers.
He's also provided with strong capability in managing a sales team to achieve sales objectives.