Charge Nurse Performance Review Phrases Examples

Charge Nurse Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always says he doesn't charge him enough and he's probably right - but don't tell him that.
If you are looking for someone to take charge and get things done, he will make it happen.
You tell him that he's in charge of getting something done, and it will get done.
Not only did he go above and beyond in helping him, he did it at no charge.
Yet he knows how to take charge when it is necessary to get things done.
John can be trusted to do the right thing for those under his charge.
You can be sure that everything is in place when he's in charge.
He always knows what to do and can take charge of any situation.
The audience always looks forward to more when he is in charge.
He'll take charge and make sure things get done the right way, and will always exceed expectations.
He also charges about the same or less than others in his profession, but provides so much more.
John is friendly, and when in charge, he keeps everyone well aligned.
But he dealt with every request as if it was the only one in his charge.
John should charge more, and you should book him before he realises.
He knows how to get things done and inspires others to join the charge.
With him in charge, we don't have to worry about anything going wrong.
He would take charge of the objective and see it through to the end.
John will always deliver, always him best and the room is charged.
He would do very well in any role that requires him to take charge.
John does all of this for you for absolutely no charge whatsoever.
One does not need to think again about a charge he has undertaken.
John is charged with many responsibilities and had little help.
He can be seen charged up when it is likely to make him reach out.
John always asks for more, but he's right there charging with you.
He is very accommodating but will take charge when he needs to.
John also clearly values every one of the employees in his charge.
For one, he will be able to charge ahead with an end in mind.