Charming Performance Review Phrases Examples

Charming Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Most of all, he is very charming and goes out of his way to help others.
Meet him once and you can't help but be charmed by this personality.
This could not have been done without him charm and enthusiasm.
John is very charming and knows what is available for clients.
Oh, and besides that, he was known for his charming personality.
John could charm anyone and the important thing about his charm was it's sincerity.
He definitely knows what he's doing, and he does it with charm, style, and class.
Through his charm, he always has been able to get things done for other people.
He is everywhere with his charming hospitality when & wherever was the need.
Yes, he has charm, but in more ways than one - we always seem to get upgraded.
One of his many charms is that he doesn't seem to know how talented he is.
John has all three of those qualities and is thoroughly charming as well.
Firstly, he's charming (okay, so aren't they all?) but it's more than that.
He wants everyone around him to be successful, which is part of his charm.
John is one of the most charming individuals you could wish to meet.
He wouldn't settle for anything less, but he did it with grace and charm.
He's tenacious yet charming and knows how to be both as the same our company.
It was charming working with him, although we were in different departments
John is able to get things done, and he did it with considerable charm.
He is hugely professional, knows it all inside out and has the charm.
He knows how to get things done with grace, integrity, and charm.
He is charismatic, charming and is someone that's not forgotten.
He is charming and strong and gets it done right the first our company.
Also he has very charming person who never believes in the hierarchy
John gets this and can do this brilliantly - with charm and ease.
Furthermore, he handled everything with the most charming smile.
Clients found him charming and often share with him information.
That he's charming and energetic makes him even more valuable.
John used to help others always and was a charming personality.
Collaboration with him has been a charm throughout the project.
All in all he is talented, committed and also quite charming.
Challenging, inspiring and charming - all at the same our company.