Chief Security Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Chief Security Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He went above and beyond to help anyone in need, whether it was in the office or elsewhere.
He was well liked by everyone at the office, and just about everyone seemed to like him.
John has gone out of his way to help me and others in the office better themselves.
John is really on the ball when it comes to just about everything around the office.
He's very hardworking - always the first one in and the last one out of the office.
He was always one of the first into the office, and always the last to leave.
He did all this right in my own office which was really convenient.
I would happily recommend him to others looking to move office or refurbish their existing offices.
John always bought his positive vibes into the office and elevated the spirits of the office.
He is always in the office before others and doesn't leave until he's got everything done and doesn't even think twice about it.
And that he would always be in the office earlier than everyone else, and that nothing would be impossible.
He gets things done before they need to be done, and he brightens up the office whenever he comes in.
He's one of those guys in the office that seems to know everything, and we all come to him for answers.
He was always passionate about what he was doing, and that rubbed off onto everyone in the office.
He was friends with everyone in the office and went out of his way to help wherever he could.
Well, it wasn't just one person, it was several and they were all on his wall in his office.
I wish him well in whatever comes his way, and will miss his cheerful smile at the office.
Interested enough to get out of his office and see firsthand, what is really going on.
John is constantly the first one in the office and always one of the last to leave.
He is someone who could always be counted on—even when he's out of the office.
I've been around him inside and outside the office and his tenacity is contagious.
John was always energetic and upbeat about everything we were doing in the office.
I will always be thankful for that and he is definitely missed around the office.
I could count on him to go above and beyond to help me and my office when needed.
He is well regarded within our office and is known as someone who is "connected".
He always applied himself and frankly was an example to everyone in the office.
He knows how to think outside the box and keep things exciting in the office.
Plus, he's an all-around great guy that we all like to have around the office.
And he does all of this while being an absolute delight around the office.
John only summary of him would be that he was the 'backbone' of the office.
He was always willing to go the extra mile and help others in the office.
He wants to make sure that everyone that steps into his office succeeds.
Not only is he good at what he does, he is fun to have in the office.
We were just talking about how much we missed having him in the office.
He is also a joy to be around and is liked by everyone in the office.
If you need something for the office with no fuss then he's your man.
Lastly, he is one of the most fun guys to have around in your office.
Furthermore, he was great to have in the office, thoroughly likeable.
He went far and above and has made our office run more efficiently.
John never scolds anybody in the office unless thing gets very bad.
A very pleasant presence, we miss being around him at the office.
Personally, he is trustworthy and fun, in and outside the office.
He keeps the office going with his ability to make anyone laugh.
He had a large following both inside and outside of the office.
John seems to be driven to excel more than most other officers.
He was willing and eager to help our office in any way he could.
I always heard good things about him from others in the office.
John has been a great value to myself and others in my office.
Additionally, his good nature is very welcome around the office.
And to top it off, he is really fun to have around the office.
His helpfulness both within and beyond the office is memorable.
Sometimes he even surprises the whole office you with cookies.
John was superb and my office has never been more organised.
He was always the last to leave the office on many occasions.
John is the epitome of success both in and out of the office.
It's perfectly seamless, as if he's right there in my office.
So much so that we hoped that he would join us in our office.
I still remembered by first encounter with him at his office.
I don't know if this office would have succeeded without him.
He showed me that it was more than just cleaning your office.