Chief Strategy Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Chief Strategy Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a hardworking and devoted to the organization while in the office or out of office.
We are looking to take some of his photo's for our new offices.
He was always willing to help others around the office and was well liked by his peers.
John is the key to just about everything that gets done in our office.
If you see him, tell him to come get his refrigerator out of my office.
He is always willing to provide help for any of us in the office.
John went above and beyond to help others in the office, whether it was his responsibility or not.
John will never let you down and is great company both inside and outside of the office.
John provided me with my first opportunity in an office environment.
I have had the opportunity to get to know him during my office hours.
John's always been friendly and great to be around in the office.
He is someone that every office should be glad to have on board.
Not to mention, he had some of the best coffee in the office.
John's strategies led our office in the most profitable years in its history.
He is extremely organized and always seems to be the last one at the office.
John came to the office early, and was usually one of the last to leave.
John is genuine in all of his interactions both in and out of the office.
John is that rep who is the first one in the office and the last to leave.
He's hardworking - always the first one into the office & very organized.
John is the salesperson you want to see stepping into your office.
We have since partnered with his office and will do so again.
I always wonder his working strategies and try to follow his strategies.
John is the cream of the crop and any company would only be better off to have him in their office.
He will be missed around our office, but will make any company lucky to have him aboard.
John has always been there to answer my queries or come to my office as required.
Being in the same office gave me the opportunity to see everything he was doing.
He is very down to earth, friendly and funny, and was well-liked in the office.
He recently built our beautiful new office and we couldn't be more pleased.
He is an excellent individual who would do well in any office environment.
Then, he can turn around and bring it all back to the office environment.
I couldn't wait to get back to the office and act on his recommendations.
He is persistent and never leaves the office before getting things done.
He'll talk his way into your office and keep you hanging on every word.
He was highly regarded not only in our office, but all across campus.
The office isn't the same without him friendly smile and positivity.
He has been recognized by our club as being an outstanding officer.
Our office is more successful because of his tireless efforts.
His office door was always open and he was very approachable.
His contributions to our office and company are immeasurable.
He also followed up with the officers and continues to do that to this day.
John is not just one who strategies, but can also activate those strategies on all levels.
He'd often be taking photos of things that were going on around the office and blogging/twittering them in various places.
More importantly, he is very organized and will go out of his way to help around the office in any way possible.
He's often at the office until the lights go out, which is to say his dedication knows no bounds.
We all enjoy interacting with him whenever he comes to our office since he is so down to earth.
John has been most often first in the office and was first to put his hand up to help others.
John has been in charge to make sure we have the new office ready for the move.
Around the office, his guidance was priceless and he will seriously be missed.
When he would arrive in the office, others would light up to see him.
He provided direction and the know-how to get my office straight.
I hired him to help with my office organization and got much more.
John lights up the office and have always been an inspiration to me.
You could always find him at the office very early & very late.
He's known to break out into an impromptu dance in the office.
The atmosphere was automatically lifted when he was in office.
John went above and beyond expectations while interning in our office.
Expose him to your strategy and be prepared to get out of his way.
He provides the tactics necessary to achieve overall strategy.
He will make your life easier and you will be happy to have him in your office.
He is a pleasure to have in the office, always willing to help his peers.