Chief Technology Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Chief Technology Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John presented his technology ideas to our nationwide offices.
John is our "go to" for all our technology needs and website questions in the office.
I've seen this first hand when it comes to keeping current on technologies and in his life outside of the office.
He always took the initiative to help out in any way he could with anything around the office.
He embraced the internet and technology before most of the members of his office.
I would recommend him to anyone that has office (or virtual) office needs.
John was the go-to person within in the office when it came to questions regarding technology.
He is very adaptable not just to new friends, new colleagues, new office environment, new technologies and more so, new country.
John has never given up on our office and will always see problems through.
In the office, he gets along well with colleagues and gets things done.
Of course, you would know he is in the office from him walking style.
He is usually one of the first in the office and extremely committed.
However, he came to the office, set it all up and away we went.
Across many different technologies and languages, this is due to his understanding of many technology approaches.
John is an experienced, highly organized and extremely thoughtful technology officer.
John is an excellent technology officer and chief architect of all things technical.
John was always the first one in the office and most times, one of the last to leave.
He is always willing to come to our office and talk with us whenever he has time.
During this time, he has always been first into the office in the morning.
He is the type of employee everyone wants to have around in the office.
While he innovated new technologies, the consumer problem was at the heart of each technological innovation.
He had a fascination for new technologies and picked up new tools and technologies very seamlessly.
He has a true interest in technology so is very up to date on emerging technologies.
His passion in technology along with his friendly nature makes coming to the office a pleasure.
He also was a blast to have in the office for a laugh or to chat about news or technology.
He is really proactive in the job and he always knows about technology.
He constantly strives to improve and drive technology inside and outside the office.
John is the best solution for and all of your office needs.
He is ahead of the curve in technology and is forward thinking.
John has always been at the forefront of emerging technologies.
He is forward thinking and always up with the latest technology.
He has an amazing awareness about him for what is happening throughout the office.
He made everyone better around him, which resulted in a very successful office.
John's enthusiasm and positivity were infectious throughout the office.
He's in the office before dawn and still going at it when the sun sets.
I mean he was literally always at the office, despite his long commute.
He was thorough/enthusiastic and he would be an asset to any office.
He came into my office sat down with me and helped me with my image.
John has consistently been an uplifting presence within the office.
John is an excellent colleague and is very popular in the office.
What is more, he is a great colleague to have around the office.
We weren't just selling technology – he saw to it, we were helping to make police officers safer.
He keeps up with the latest in technologies and finds innovative ways of incorporating those technologies into the workplace.
He is always current with his technology and makes great long term decisions on technology choices.
He also recognized and led strategic efforts to overhaul our back office technologies.
John is always looking for opportunities to learn and try new technologies.
John regularly met with corporate officers and technology experts to spread awareness of emerging technologies.
He is completely hands-on and knows the technology he is handling.
I admire him for his dedication & innovative use of technology.
He is interested in playing around with new technologies and would certainly excel at jobs that would involve the latest technologies.
John was always meeting his quota and was always willing to help others in the office that were struggling.
He was always one step ahead of everyone in the office and always took the time to help out his coworkers.
John is passionate about what he does, whether in the office or in his spare time.
You can always walk into his office and know that he will make the time for you.
It so happened he was in the area that week and he came into the office.
John is extremely competent, and as well as fun to have in the office.
I miss the times we had together in that office, sitting across from him.
He will be missed at our office and hopefully we will meet again soon.
John's name surfaced in my office at least three times in one week.
He was timely when it came to office requests and always pleasant.