Child Care Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Child Care Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Every child that has been in his care has been positive, forever changed.
John is courteous, detail orientated, and truly cares for those he is trying to assist.
One of the best thing is he really cares about all of his students.
He takes care of his people and they take care of the company as a result.
Further, he is intuitive to the needs of those around him, he is helpful, and would welcome and assist guests with the utmost care and concern.
I was impressed by his willingness to assist someone he did not know in such a caring fashion.
He sincerely cared about each child, we served and it showed every day.
John was very different from the others in that he truly cared about everyone he interacted with.
You can see how much he cares and how much he is respected by everyone within the organization.
John was also caring in his interactions about the well-being of others.
His care for others just oozes through his every interaction.
He obviously cares about family values and the importance of taking care of others.
One of his gifts, that you can't really teach, is that he cares.
I can really tell that he cares about his students and will do all he can to help them succeed.
I always looked forward to his course because he cared about his students.
John truly cares about his students and what they do after graduation.
He was always there for the players, and really cared about the music.
He will take care of everything for you and even promote for you too.
John genuinely cares about those around him, especially his students.
He showed me how he cared about those that were in search of help.
You could tell he really cared about his profession and students.
His students appreciate how much he cared about their success.
John cares for students and graduates and wants to assist them in achieving their goals.
It was an honor to work with him when he created conferences to care for those who care for others.
He is a careful listener and strives to assist you in meeting your objectives.
John was always willing to not only go out of his way to take care of our customers, but also assist his own colleagues in any way that he could.
He cares for his fellow coworkers and assists them where ever they need help.
John went above & beyond in my interview, and truly cares about everyone he meets.
He cared to take the time, getting to know, and figuring out our own ambitions.
In all my interaction with him, he was caring, responsible and responsive.
Every request or need, were taken care of by him at the speed of light.
He is always inspiring, caring & willing to take time out to listen.
Warmth and caring exuded from him in every facet of our interaction.
John is powerful and dynamic while being approachable and caring.
John has always provided excellent care and thoughtful guidance.
John provided me with expert guidance on how to care for them.
He takes great care and spends as much time as you need him to in order for you to get the best possible care.
As a loving husband, who cares deeply for his wife, and toddler child.
He knows how to get things done, and he truly cares about his work and it shows.
John cares about relationships and really wants to know what's on your mind.
He's thorough and knowledgeable and cares about getting the best results.
Not only is he very knowledgeable, but also caring and encouraging.
John is not only extremely knowledgeable, he is also very caring.
He really does care about those that he works with and that shows.
John will take care of you and your relationships like no other.
He is well-known for his approachability, knowledge and caring.
He anticipates what needs to be done and takes care of it from the initial contracting to on-site assistance.
He is creative and you know you will be taken care of exactly as he promised.
John is also an extremely caring friend who goes all the way to help his peers.
He genuinely cares about what's best for the company and that's important.
He was very responsible and took care of his people and the company.
All of his investigation is done with care and well within he law.
You could always tell he genuinely cared about making sure even the most difficult users' problems were taken care of.
He goes out of his way to make sure they are receiving the best care and attention.
He deeply cares for others and always gives more than he receives.
He really cares for his employees and wants to help them better their careers.
He gives of his time and is caring in his approach and attitude.
The care and time that he took on each photograph was amazing.
He not only cares about his employees, but also their families.
He will push those who need to better themselves and actually cares about what happens to his students after graduation.