Child Care Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Child Care Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

A colleague who cares about his co-workers, clients and candidates.
He is a very hard worker and cares deeply for his organization.
He explained to our mutual co-worker that a child may be watching.
It appears that he is a tireless worker and cares for many things and people.
John is a very detailed, to the point, hard work and caring.
John actually cared about the well-being of his employees/co-workers, and that really means a lot to me.
He is smart, organized, hard worker, caring, willing to go the extra mile.
He is a very hard worker and it was evident to me that he truly cares about his work.
He cares deeply about his co-workers and works hard to help everyone else succeed.
He is an experienced and careful co-worker; his knowledge is vast and thorough.
John is a caring and experienced co-worker with huge knowledge.
With people, he is always deeply caring of his team and his co-workers.
He cares deeply about helping the company and his co-workers achieve their goals.
He concentrates on detail and above all cares about his clients and workers.
He truly cares about his fellow workers, his company and his customers.
John is a conscientious worker that cares about his customers.
He is polite, caring and conscientious of his work and co-workers needs.
From our first conversation until after the event, he took care of every detail with care.
Additionally, he cared about each individual worker's career goals and was willing to help them as much as possible.
He doesn't just care about the client he's hiring for, but he cares about the people being hired.
John is that kind of co-worker who takes care of the details and wants to know the matter in depth.
He was also a diligent worker who cared first about understanding the material, rather than getting the best grade.
He's caring about his colleagues and co-workers and great resource for those around him.
He is also very people-focused, and does truly care about the well-being of his team and co-workers.
John cares and wishes the best education for every child as if they were his own.
John cares about the people he works with, whether they are clients or co-workers.
He genuinely cares about his team and co-workers and is universally respected by everyone.
Irshad is a passionate worker who cares about the details of his work.
He shows fellow co-workers as well as clients that he is friendly, caring and reliable.
Him customers and co-workers know he truly cares that they are pleased with the results they get for his efforts.
He is sincere, smart and truly cares about his customers and always ready to help his co-workers.
He conveys strength of character and caring for customers as well as co-workers.
He is not only an independent and careful team player, but also an inspiring co-worker.
He sincerely cares about his clients, his co-workers, and colleagues outside of work.
Overall, he is an incredible worker and goes well beyond the call of duty, truly caring about his clients.
He is a hard worker who takes multiple responsibilities and is very careful with every detail.
John cares about the details and gets things done right the first time.
John cares about his clients and is proactive a wonderful net-working.
John will go above and beyond to make sure his clients are taken care of at all times.
John is a hard worker that cares about the company he works for and is always looking after the best interest in the company.
This gentleman makes it happen, he is a hard worker and cares for the ones he is working with.
John is an exceptionally hard worker and takes great care and pride in his work.
John is extremely organised, hard working and cares about students under his care.
John is a hard worker, he's very focused on the goals and takes really care of his team.
John truly cares about his co-workers, customers and the company as a whole and is willing to go above and beyond each and every day.
He truly cares for people and this is reciprocated by the level of effort and excellence output by him co-workers.
John always shows a can-do attitude and cares about his co-workers and team members.
Beyond that, he cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to help them with their goals.
He really goes above and beyond and truly cares about his clients' goals.
He doesn't have a big ego, is a team player, and cares about his co-workers.
John is the one who can teach everyone how much should one care about his work.
Co-workers and customers alike appreciate his sense of humor, and caring demeanor.
He really cares for his clients, you don't get that from other salons.