Civil Project Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Civil Project Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I have worked with him on several projects and he has always been an asset to those projects.
John was able to juggle his engineering tasks as well as oversee the projects and work for these engineers.
He is very thorough when doing engineering work and has the ability to take on complex projects.
As an engineer myself, this made working on projects with him a joy.
Due to this experience, he has insight and understanding of many different types of projects, including upgrades, archiving and engineering projects.
While juggling multiple projects and contacts for those projects isn't enough, he is also working with outside vendors on special projects.
You want him on your team because he is dedicated to every project and detail of the project.
Not only the above projects, but he has worked on many other internal enhancement projects.
He is thorough and determined to keep the project on task without alienating the project team.
Thus most of his project meetings were about new items and not about updating the project plan.
It was his first week on the project, we were all in our weekly project planning meeting.
He always followed-up, drove to decisions and pushed projects along the project plan.
John's professionalism and dedication to the project led to our many project successes.
He approaches every project and potential project with professionalism and enthusiasm.
John was an invaluable asset to any project we worked on together and also on projects in which he was not directly involved.
He is well liked by other engineers and made significant contributions to the projects he worked on.
John is an excellent engineer who also is a pleasure to work with on projects.
In this project he demonstrated great commitment to the team and the project.
His innovation and brings new life and concise storytelling to complex civil engineer projects.
In all the projects that we worked together, he has the acumen to really make each project an excellent experience.
Project teams would fight to get him on their projects, and he knocked every project out of the park.
We worked together on several projects and on each project, he reviewed it from various angles, before launching into it.
I would choose to work with him on any project, any time because that project will be better served with him onboard.
I look forward to our continued work on current projects and collaborating with him on several future projects.
When working with him on projects you always knew that the project will be delivered as requested and on time.
He focuses on the projects he is working on for clients and truly owns their projects.
He is exceptionally good working on projects and always completes projects within time.
He worked beyond his scope of the project in order to help the projects go smoothly.
John has always been very responsive, even when he was traveling, for other projects.
It is a pleasure working with him on various projects in cloud engineering.
I look forward to working with him in future stages of the project and on other projects as well.
He'll make sure all project decisions are solid, documented and aligned with project flow.
Him project budgeting, reporting and projections are accurate and timely.
His insistence on keeping good housekeeping in civil projects was really admirable.
He has successfully engineered several projects for our company that have resulted in increased revenue.
Each project he works on is customized to that specific project.
You will appreciate his time and look forward to working with him on many projects.
We have worked on many projects together and he has come through every time.
I would like to work with him again at any time and in any project.
He seldom looks at the end result of a project; he looks at the works that's gone into the project, and guide you to be successful.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know with this individual over the past four years and working with him on various projects in our engineering class.
Having worked with him on projects it is very safe to say he knows what he is doing when it comes to the world of search engine optimization.
He got to really know the engineers he worked with and was able to evaluate which projects they would be best suited for.
I achieved my project goal because of his activities within the project plan.
John could always be counted on to support his project and made himself available at all times for the betterment of the project.
And, even better, he would do everything possible to help facilitate any project through to delivery.
John is one of those talented people that you want for your projects.
He is always willing to help out the team with projects and he is also very reliable.
I have seen him motivate teams to go above and beyond on various projects.
He is willing to take on any project any time to help out the team.
He was an eager team participation when the project scope was first being considered and kept that enthusiasm throughout the project.
He is consistently professional and very thorough on all his projects.
He's one of the most dedicated professionals in this project.
John was a project engineer early in his career and effectively coached engineers.
He has always willing to help with any project, questions, or to share best practices.
He is very talented, friendly as well as dedicated to the project.