Classroom Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Classroom Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John teacher can take a child to the classroom, but not every teacher can make him learn.
In the classroom, he always oozed enthusiasm and liked by the colleagues and teachers.
John is a dedicated teacher, both in the classroom and the workplace.
John was a superb teacher in every facet within the classroom.
He was an outstanding drama teacher and one who influenced me far beyond the classroom.
He is always willing to go above and beyond to help inside and outside of the classroom.
He monitors the classroom and provides the right feedback to the teachers how they should take the lesson effectively.
Additionally, he has been an inspiration in and out of the classroom.
I would welcome him back into the classroom without hesitation.
He is an excellent teacher in class as well as role model outside the classroom.
John was a great teacher and always had time for his students in and outside of the classroom.
John is just as influential inside the classroom as he is outside.
Finally, he is a first-rate teacher, both on the job and in a formal classroom setting.
I have also met with him several times outside of the classroom.
John is a compassionate teacher who knows how to use the tools in his classroom to bring out the best in everyone.
John is a wonderful teacher who brings so much enthusiasm, dedication, and passion to his classroom.
John also is a great teacher, very easy to understand and follow in the classroom setting.
John consistently earns the highest ratings from students and classroom teachers.
Dumitru was one of his favorite teachers, because of his way to keep us interested in the classroom and keep our attention on him.
He gives him best shot both in whatever he does both in and out of the classroom.
For those who need extra help he is always available outside of the classroom.
John goes above and beyond in the classroom which is very refreshing.
This, to him, is something you can't just pick up from the classrooms
John will continue to negotiate fairly with teachers so that they are able to be the experts they are in our classrooms.
Superlative teacher, all the classroom was enthusiastic about his job and how was carried out.
He understands the needs of teachers and the classroom as well as what drives and motivates children.
Definitely went above and beyond what he needed to do in the classroom and out.
If you have the opportunity to be in his classroom, consider yourself lucky.
He's an asset to any organization and certainly to the classroom.
Both his students and his fellow teachers deeply appreciate the commitment he brings to his classroom.
Ekow has proven to be an exceptional classroom teacher and very passionate about his work.
As a teacher, he was consistent within the classroom and easy to learn from.
He does this not only in the classroom, but also with student government.
Lastly, he has influenced many of our students in the classroom.
John's charisma extended beyond the boundaries of the classroom walls as he attracted the teachers to participate.
His thinking at all levels, from classroom teacher to university enterprise is exceptional.