Clean-Cut Performance Review Phrases Examples

Clean-Cut Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He might measure three times before he cuts, but that is because he is responsible and knows that when you are actually cutting, you cannot un-cut.
Doing things a certain way because it's the way they've always been done won't cut it with him.
He is fabulous - he took what we'd already done, and cut through it really quickly.
He keeps everyone looking to deliver the most for the least without cutting corners.
Projects done by him were very thorough and were about cutting edge of technology.
And he cuts through all the nonsense and gets things done, whatever it takes.
He makes sure the job gets done right and does not try to cut corners.
He is then and has always been at the cutting edge of new technology.
John did not cut corners and made sure he used the best materials.
He is willing to try new approaches and is often at the cutting edge.
He always ensures that things are done right, and corners aren't cut.
Second, he cuts to the chase and says exactly what needs to be said.
Because when faced with two wires, he always knows which way to cut.
He always seems to be on the cutting edge and is ahead of his our company.
If you want someone who can cut through the chaff, he's your guy.
When it comes to all things technology he is at the cutting edge.
He has him our company cut out for him right from the very beginning.
He really knows how to cut through the noise and get results.
He has the cutting edge above and beyond others in his field.
He looks at every angle and cut things down to what matters.
He is very thorough with him our company and doesn't cut corners.