Clear-Headed Performance Review Phrases Examples

Clear-Headed Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is clear headed and provides sensible counsel under pressure.
Kinshuk is very clear headed and knows how to get our company done.
It was clear then that he was going to go far if he was given the right opportunities.
He has always been clear with what we are doing and why we are doing each project
John is always very clear about what needs to be done and how it should be achieved.
He's clear about what he wants from him and is always available, but never hovers.
He never moves forward unless and until he is sure that he has made himself clear.
John always knows how to get it done, even when the path is far from clear.
He made it very clear that he was there to help in any way that he could.
He is always willing to help and explain things if something wasn't clear.
He is very clear in what he does and doesn't know, and knows when to ask.
He is always willing to help and clear in what has to be done to succeed.
Furthermore, he always made it clear exactly what he was doing and why.
It's clear he not only gives his best, but he wants the best for all.
Instructions are always clear, because he knows his own strategy.
He knows what he wants, and he is clear on what needs to be done.
He is very clear about what and how he want things in his life.
He is clear, knows where to go and when, and is very interested.
He is always clear and thorough in his needs and requirements.
He is clear and make others clear, but fundamental questioning.
He is clear on what needs to be done and follows up promptly.
So it is clear that he knows what is going on in our industry.
John's always been very clear with what he wants for the site.
His memories may not be recent, but they are definitely clear.
He makes things very clear to everyone and that really helps.
John has always been there for him with very clear directions
He is very articulate and clear headed; knows exactly what he wants and how he can deliver value to the organisation.
It is clear from him our company that he really took the our company get to know us and where we are headed as an organization.
He is clear about where he needs to be heading to and define clear directions for the team too.
He always came across as a clear-headed person who came with clear actions to the client.
John is clear and thorough, but wasn't trying to sugar coat it or talk over his head.
He is very clear and articulate so his intelligence is never limited to his own head.
Not only that, but he was an easy person to be around, always calm and clear-headed.
He is very clear headed and always brings in his perspectives into the discussion.
He is clear headed, articulate and was influential without being demonstrative.
John has always a clear vision where he is heading to and how to get there.
Thank you so much for clearing his head and doing it in such a professional way.
He always seemed to keep a clear head despite the chaos going on around him.
John is very clear headed, transparent, reasonable and collaborative.
John is an organized, clear-headed, and knowledgeable professional.
In both roles, it was clear to see he was headed for bigger things.
He keeps his head clear and keeps calm even under stormy conditions.
John always kept a clear head when conducting his investigations.
John is someone who always maintains a clear head under pressure.
He is clear in his processes and always keeps a cool in his head.
He's also clear-headed and resourceful in the face of conflict.
He is unflinchingly enthusiastic, clear headed and determined.
A pleasure for our company with someone as clear headed as he
Our company to John for his knowledge and clear-headed guidance.
His tough questions and follow through to get his head clear, focused, and headed in the right direction.
He's got a clear head for numbers and a head-down approach to focus.
John is clear in his brief, provided him with support and clear communication.
He is very clear on what he wants and very clear in communication as well.
He keeps a clear head and ensures that the communication is clear and concise.
He is clear-headed, hardworking and most of all creative and entrepreneurial.
He is also a diligent and clear-headed, even in the most stressful times.
He is very meticulous, clear headed, and in control of things.
He is mature, self controlled and clear headed at all our company.
Clients loved him because he made the value of what he could do for them clear and because he delivered clear results.
He's clear on what he's trying to achieve and wants to get there in the best way possible for the business.