Client Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Client Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is extremely well liked both within and outside our company by associates and clients alike.

Really appreciate him considerate and compassionate approach towards him clients and associates.

I thoroughly enjoy our colleagueship and will always recommend him to my clients and associates.

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to any of our clients or associates.

He is respected and well liked by his colleagues, clients and everyone he associates with.

A passionate hotelier who believes in nothing but the best for his clients and associates.

He thinks outside of the box always looking to do better for his clients and associates.

It would be a pleasure to recommend him to any of my associates or clients.

He's thoughtful and considerate of his candidates, clients and associates.

He has a passion for our clients and associates that cannot be taught.

I have met many new potential clients through my association with him.

John's devotion to him clients is unequaled by previous associates.

His dedication to him clients and associates are simply unmatched.

John has a commanding presence with him clients and associates.

He negotiates really well with clients, vendors, and associates.

He gets what his clients (local/state associations and members) need and he delivers.

He is very good at what he does, is well liked by all of his clients and makes others around him better for their association with him and his work.

He definitely knows how to establish relationships with clients and associates.

John is the guy who cannot do enough for his clients or work associates.

He always gives above and beyond for those who are clients and / or networking associates.

When it came to the client, he had the same mindset we do - the client is always important.

I am sure that his clients always felt like they were his most important client.

He does what he says he will do and continues to add value to the lives of his clients and associates.

He is meticulous in his attention to all the little things required to help his clients, friends and associate.

His friendly demeanor makes him approachable, not only to his associates, but two candidates as well as clients.

He is also very capable of handling many responsibilities and is loyal to his clients and associates.

When you want that kind of confidence, associate with it as him client and it will rub off.

His commitment to his clients, associates, colleagues and success is unwavering.

John caught on quickly and won over our clients and associates from the start.

He serves his clients, helps his associates and is loyal to his company.

And he is able to connect the dots for clients, associates and friends.

John goes above and beyond to help co-workers, associates, and clients.

John was one of those clients, you wish could train all your other clients.

While always willing to help an associate, he never loses sight of the true objective, what is best for the client.

Since then he has become at various times my client, my associate, my mentor, but always my friend.

John has high morals and is very fair with both associates and clients.

John is always willing to go the extra mile for all his clients, even those that were not his clients at the time.

He is genuine in his commitment to client satisfaction which has allowed him to maintain strong partnerships clients and associates.

Always focused on clients satisfaction makes him a highly trusted associate of clients dealing with him.

He worked with our association, realtor, and nonprofit clients.

His dedication and respect of the job, his associates, and his clients is commendable.

He focuses on providing great outcomes for clients and associates.

John is very client focused and looks for overall solutions to help both the client and the company.

He always took the time to help us even though we were not his only clients.

John has time and again gone above and beyond for the client.

John is always looking out for the interests of others, whether that is his client, associate, or family member.

He has a memory that is second to none, and the charisma that not only wins over the clients, but also the favor of his associates.

His passion for helping clients, matched with his expertise, has made him one of my most valued associates.

He exceeds those standards and carries him clients and associates along with him to greater results.

He also garnered an extraordinary level of loyalty from his clients and associates.

John is a valued associate; he helps me keep my clients and colleagues happy.

John has been more than just a client, a candidate, an associate and a friend.

He is client focused, responsive, and listens to his client's needs.

His energy, encouragement and commitment to his clients and associates are second to none.

His brief's are always exactly what the client wants and was never afraid to go back to get more details from the client.

John is one of those go-to people who will always do whatever he can in order to help one of his clients, friends, or associates.

Even though he was our client, we worked well together as partners with his clients.

John's commitment to everything he determines he will do is well known among his professional associates and clients.

John is thoroughly professional in his dealings with clients as well as fellow associates.

He understood his responsibilities to both his clients and his professional associations.