Client Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Client Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Him outside-the-box thinking and execution always makes me look much better to my clients.

John truly listens to the needs of his clients and executes with tremendous precision.

He always has the respect of his subordinates and praise from his executive clients.

John is all about execution and delivering on what has been promised to a client.

He focuses in on a client's needs and then follows up with precision execution.

He understands the positions him clients need him for and excels at execution.

He listens to what his clients are saying, and what they aren't, and executes beautifully each time.

He is client focused and will go out of his way to ensure thorough preparation and execution.

As an executive, he is always willing to bend his ear for all his clients and employees.

He is an experienced executive and knows how to deliver value to his clients and partners.

John is an outstanding executive that is ever mindful of client needs and goals.

His focus on the client is almost as inspiring as him commitment to execution.

John is the type of agency executive who looks beyond the numbers, and directly at what his clients are truly trying to achieve.

John was always willing to go the extra mile for our client and appreciate his diligence in the execution of his responsibilities.

He is someone that knows what the client wants before they do and has a clear approach on how to execute it.

John is an accomplished executive who has an ability to really connect with his clients and colleagues.

He takes the challenges given to him and executes on them until the client is completely satisfied.

One of his best features is ability to listen to his clients, make recommendations then execute.

John is an energetic and driven executive who keeps his client's best interests at heart.

He is also able to execute client requests in ways they may not have not even envisioned.

I had the privilege to collaborate with him in the execution of multiple client deals.

He executed promptly and was extremely sensitive to his clients and candidate.

He endears himself to the client and shows strong presentation to executives.

He truly keeps the company and client interests at heart and executes flawlessly.

He pays close attention to what the client wants and executes with precision.

He is committed to the client and has success in finding diverse executives for his clients if that is of importance to them.

John is respected and appreciated by his clients for his reliability and effortless execution.

He sets the bar and has become my standard for which all other client executives are judged.

John executes his work with great ethic and goes above and beyond for his clients.

He has demonstrated calmness, rationality and ability to execute in front of client executives.

Him planning is thorough, his execution is spot on and him clients are always very satisfied.

He is an observant executive who anticipates the needs of the client and his team.

All his drawings when executed correctly are always well received by clients.

John doesn't just talk about what could be done for a client, he executes and delivers which is so rare to find.

John is extremely good at getting to what the client needs and executing quickly and with minimum issues.

He is relaxed and confident with executives at all levels within both his own and his client organizations.

John is able to assess client needs and execute on and fulfill those needs under deadline and pressure.

John is a very forward-thinking executive who is very committed to the success of his clients.

John is able to assess his clients' needs quickly, and then execute the best approach accordingly.

John is a success oriented executive who focuses on making sure he is doing right by his clients.

He was well respected by his client groups and colleagues because of his ability to execute.

He is a methodical and disciplined executive who gives a piece of himself to all his clients.

John proved himself to be an experienced executive with a tireless mission to help our clients.

John will always find the right idea for his clients, and execute the promotion flawlessly.

John is and has always been very well respected by client executives, colleagues and staff.

He has a good feel for understanding what the client wants and then is able to execute it.

He can deal with top executives in company or at clients as well as the lower levels.

That combination of strategy and execution is, no doubt, invaluable to his clients.

I have been a client of hers and know him to be thorough and client centered.

I have seen him take on sophisticated client needs and enable the team to execute quickly, efficiently and to the client's delight.

He keeps clients' needs and priorities foremost in his mind, while still executing company objectives.

He has an incomparable sense for client engagement, at all levels, and most certainly with executives.

John is excellent at getting client personnel, especially executives, to accomplish difficult things.

He takes the time to truly understand the client's needs and then executes in an exemplary manner.

John was on point with executing client marketing/promotional campaigns seamlessly by deadline.

He made the most arduous task seem simple and turnkey for clients to understand and execute.

John is a results-driven executive who is always trying to meet client expectations.

John is an executive coach who is passionate about getting results for his clients.

He has helped me and numerous clients not only create demand, but also execute on it.

John's primary role is executing on-site optimization for our clients' websites.