Client Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Client Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Either in client management or people management.

John manages within an organization as effectively as he manages his clients.

John is an excellent client manager and time manager.

John is a great client manager who makes his clients feel like they are his only clients.

He is very thorough in the management and client communications with him clients.

John also cares about his clients and manages well client relationships.

He manages to get you what you need and he always cares for his clients.

Cooperates very well with managing as well with subordinates and clients.

John cared about each client like they were the only one he managed.

He did all this while also managing some of our largest clients.

I really appreciate his way to manage his team and the clients.

He is an organized manager who comes through for his clients.

He also knows how to manage clients and expectations.

There is no one better to manage your clients than John.

As my manager he was able to manage not only my expectations but the expectations of our many clients.

John has an uncompromising style of both management with his team and management of his clients.

Our clients and management are all fans of his management style, which comes to him so naturally.

His ability to manage clients, management and different departments is commendable.

He was an extremely well decorated in managing his team of five client managers.

One of my clients was looking for a property manager to manage his properties.

John manages the offshore/on-site client management for us too.

I managed the creative side while he managed client services.

John is a superior resource manager as well as client manager.

Nevertheless, John was a great at managing the client and managing client expectations.

He managed some of the toughest clients as account manager at our company.

He provides exactly what the client is looking for because it's less about him and more about what the client needs.

He is also going beyond just getting to know the client's desires and gets to know the clients.

He is always looking out for the client's best interest and truly wants to help his clients.

He is also very attentive to his clients' needs and is always available for his clients.

Him client's best interest come first and always does what is right for his clients.

He will always try his best to make sure we are getting the best for our clients.

He provides all of that, and so much more, to each and every one of his clients.

He makes himself available and he always goes above and beyond for his clients.

John was one of those clients, you wish could train all your other clients.

John was always willing to go above and beyond for us and for our clients.

He's not for everyone and he don't let just anyone become his client.

John treats each of his clients as if they are his only client.

John is always ready to help me, my clients, or his clients.

You will have someone that will do his best for his clients.

He has always gone out of his way to help me and my clients.

John makes every client feel like they are his only client.

He has done the same for more than five of my other clients.

John goes above and beyond when it comes to his clients.

He is truly looking out for the well being of his clients.

John always looks out for what is best for his clients.

John has placed me in the past with two of his clients.

John knows clients better than clients known themselves.

John went above and beyond to help me with my clients.

He is always about the client and the client's needs.

For that, he was very well liked by all his clients.

He was, and will always be, one of my best clients.

He seems to truly want what's best for his clients.

His relationships with clients are second to none and he managed to do what was in his clients' best interest, even if they could not always see that for themselves and took some convincing.

He was always looking for ways to help the client and went above and beyond so often that client managers would fight over him for the next engagement.

John used to manage all his clients very well, he had this ease of talking and convincing his clients.

He managed deadlines exceptionally well and went above and beyond for each and every one of his clients.

Somehow he manages to make you feel like you are his only client, when that is certainly not the case.

John can always be counted on to do what is best for both the client and the employees he manages.

He was very available to myself, my manager, and my client for support and collaboration.

I found him to be outstanding in managing my expectations as well as those of the client.