Client Relationship Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Client Relationship Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is also very well respected by the clients we handled together and brought the right management attention to the relationship.
John placed me in my first contractor position, and managed the relationship between myself and the client exceptionally.
Additionally, his ability to manage and leverage on relationships, be it with the client or the candidate, is exceptional.
The most valuable of them all is to manage the client expects and relationships which he is amazing at.
He has very good relationships with the clients and is very good at setting and managing their expectations.
John has an incredible relationship with his clients (hiring managers), his candidates, and his colleagues.
He knows journalism, managing client relationships and contributes to the advancement of the agency.
He is an excellent manager and has established many positive client relationships during his tenure.
John is an outstanding relationship manager who focuses on delivering results for his client.
He ensures the client's needs are met through effective leadership and relationship management.
I would whole-heartedly recommend him for any client relationship management position available.
John inspires trust and great relationships with all of his colleagues, clients and management.
John is extremely responsive and effective at managing strong relationships with his clients.
I highly recommend him, especially in any role that involves managing client relationships.
John fully understands and is absolutely passionate about client relationship management.
He has an excellent grasp on managing relationships and establishing trust with clients.
He was also a strong client relationship manager, as well as an outstanding colleague.
He is great at managing both client and candidate relationships and they trust him.
Him ability to manage clients and forge new profitable relationships is unrivaled.
John is a an enthusiastic and highly effective manager of client relationships.
Single handedly, he has managed clients and agency relationships with greater ease.
Most of the time he redefines client-agency relationship and always value adds to the brief given by the client.
John skillfully manages client relationships with transparency and tact, and is always seeking to understand and meet the needs of his clients.
He does this by getting to know his clients and won't push anything if he knows it's not in the client's best interest.
He definitely goes over and above for all his clients and clients have said many positive things about him.
He's great with our clients and always went out of his way to make sure our clients were beyond satisfied.
John always has his client's best interest in his mind before, during and after they've become clients.
Still, he never fails to treat each and every one of his clients as if they're his only client.
John always puts the client first and does everything to make sure the client's needs are met.
He knows what exactly the clients require and makes sure the best is delivered to the client.
He always looks out for his client's best interest, going well beyond client expected.
As such, he is very client focused and does what is right in the interests of his clients.
He was well liked by his clients which helped him to gain and keep new clients.
He genuinely looks after his clients and clients consequently look after him.
John has the ability to make each client feel like they are his only client.
He is also very "client oriented" manager, always paying attention to clients' needs.
His ability to build up a relationship with a client and manage that relationship is impressive.
He also has excellent people management and relationship management capabilities.
John builds incredible relationships with his prospects and clients and always does the right thing for his clients.
He was directly responsible for building client relationships and bringing value to those clients.
He truly enjoys connecting clients with other clients and building relationships.
He achieves this by building the client relationship, gaining trust and then manages thoroughly client expectation.
I have also seen him managing his relationships with clients and colleagues pretty well.
His attention to details and relationship management with clients is really noteworthy.
He is very detail oriented and always on top of the client relationships he managed.
We very much value our relationship with the our company and look forward to continuing our relationship.
His energy and efforts always help motivate others, and himself as he helped turn client management into client relationships.
He knows how to manage vendor relationships to get his needs as client met while maintaining a positive relationship with the vendor.
He has fantastic relationship and client management skills and is genuinely liked by his clients.
I have seen him turn around client relationships that were in their death throes of becoming strong, growing relationships.
He is always prepared and knows how to keep a relationship with his clients.
He had built strong relationships with our clients and those he managed and was always there for them when they needed guidance.
Under his guidance we have managed to transform our relationship with our clients and have one of the best results globally.
He is excellent in client relationship management will be an asset for any organization.
John's client relationships were very strong, and all feedback from our client regarding his technical/architectural/analytical capabilities were excellent.
John maintains great relationships with clients and always willing to go an extra mile on behalf of the clients.
He forges long term relationships and most of his clients have become his friends rather than remain clients.
He concentrates on his client relationships to the point of his clients remain close to him in any capacity.
John has great relationships with his clients and a knack for knowing what his clients need to be successful.
John is incredibly client centric and has the utmost respect for a colleague and client relationships.