Clinical Research Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Clinical Research Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also went beyond that association and helped dozens of our affiliated associations do the same.
Wish him all the best and look forward to the new association with him sometime in the future.
With him being in the picture you are sure to get the best out of the association.
I wish him all the best & in future would always like to get associated.
Should you have him as an associate, you and yours are quite fortunate.
You will become better, just because you are in association with him.
Look forward to have this association with him for many more years.
He knows what he needs for the position he is dealing with and will get that from his associates.
John is dedicated to his profession and always seems to get the most out of his associates.
John association with him has always been very fruitful and quite useful for both of us.
He is always willing to help out other associates with any issues they may be having.
His thoughtfulness is shown in everything and everyone with whom he is associated.
I cherish my association with him and wish him the very best in whatever he does.
He has provided both appropriate and effective leadership for our association.
John is one of those associates who is at his best when needed the most.
John association, though brief in the past one year has been very gratifying.
I have my best wishes for him and look forward carrying on our association.
He is very approachable and gets along well with colleagues and associates.
I am sure he would be an outperformer wherever he associates himself.
I would use him again and recommend him to my friends and associates.
I always enjoyed my association with him, being in the same division.
I would recommend him and his associates to you without hesitation.
You could not go wrong having him as an associate of your company.
The association was made better through his vision and leadership.
He remembers every associate with his first name, which is unique.
We miss him and are happy to have him as an associate and friend.
He is always cheerful and willing to help his fellow associates.
I am sure you'll find his association quite useful and rewarding.
I consider myself lucky for each of these associations with him.
The John company would be very fortunate to have him as an associate.
John venture that he associates himself with will be successful.
He has also connected me with some very successful associates.
I also served with him on one of our association's committees.
He was always the first to offer to help an associate in need.
He was well liked by both the hourly and salaried associates.
John association with him was during my assignment at our company.
His research reports are very thorough and his presentation so his research is excellent.
His can-do-for-me attitude has always impressed not only me, but my associates.
He was also quick to help out in many other areas of the association.
John has become one of my closest associates from our first meeting.
I enjoy our association and appreciate his help and guidance.
All the associates had so much respect for him and were willing to help him in any possible way, even if it meant going above and beyond their responsibilities.
Whatever association you have with him, he will go above and beyond, then a little more, to make sure he has done everything humanly possible to help you.
I and others in the association have applied him recommendations, and have already got results.
He never disappoints and always makes me look smart by associating myself with such brilliance.
He is involved in many associations and makes sure everything goes to the right drop point.
John is an individual you definitely want to have in any form of association or friendship.
John approachable, he was very helpful with all associates who came to him with queries.
He able to help our stranded associates when we need it to get them to their destination.
It was my privilege to be associated with him and would cherish our association for ever.
I recommend him to anyone considering hiring him or associating with him in any matter.
I am very happy to have recommended him and would look forward to associate with again.
He knew just about everything about the association and certainly knew everyone there.
I've known him for a while and have thoroughly enjoyed my past associations with him.
He is willing to jump in and help his fellow associates where he has the expertise.
I'm confident that he will become one of your most capable and trusted associates.
He knows how to have fun, but also inspires the best in all who associate with him.
I have recommended him to many associates and would hire him again in an instant.
He has also placed associates of mine and comes highly recommended for them all.
I am confident that he would succeed at any endeavor with which he is associated.