Closing Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Closing Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His qualification skills are excellent and his closing skills are equally strong.
Identifying gaps in his skills-set, and helping him to close those skill gaps.
His communication skills are certainly his strongest skill, and his leadership skills follow close behind.
He always looks for the 'closest' but has the skill to time it correctly.
Making it happen' - doesn't even come close to where his skills lie.
He established himself as very able and skilled at closing him transactions.
Appreciate his skills to handle escalations and follow till it gets closed.
Far and away his most admirable skill was his ability to close the deal.
His best skill is closing on potential hires that are on the fence.
His closing skills are off the charts in every sense of the phrase.
John is an enthusiastic, salesperson with great closing skills.
He helped him bring his closing skills to where they are today.
His closing skill is one of his strongest skills and he is the guy who can increase your revenue exponentially.
And he has this very important skill every salesperson needs: he can close.
John says what he is going to do, then does it without the need for close oversight.
As well as being very serious in what he does, he's also close to laughter.
With his help, we were in and out of the closing in less than an hour.
John closed that deal and will certainly close more in the future.
He is willing to help and share everything he knows about closing.
He is very responsible, and was followed up with him closely.
John have been closely associated with him for past many years.
He is always available and follows up long after the closing.
And he serves with pride and kindness and it reflects in whatever he does, especially in his closing skill.
This skill has been helped along only by his tenacity and closely held value to always do the right thing.
John's hunting, closing and follow up skills is some of the best you can possibly find.
He also has a strong follow up skills, always making sure he closes every loop.
His complimentary skill sets make the difference in getting the deal closed.
His cold-calling as well as follow-up and closing skills were exceptional.
His instincts, sense of urgency and closing skills are second to none.
He uses these skills and experience to good effect in closing deals.
The position closes matches his skills, experience and interests.
His prospecting & closing skills rank him among the top of his peers.
Gangadhar is committed & reliable and close follow up is one of his important skills
He pays close attention to what you say which is an important skill.
John is not only machine, but he has demonstrated a true skill for closing.
He came to the closing table and made sure all went well, which it did, thanks to his expertise.
A strategy he is amazing and there are not many who can come close to his capabilities.
He kept in contact with him all the way through to closing to make sure all went smoothly.
It's no wonder why he's still so close to those he comes in contact with over the years.
He followed up made sure that the transaction went smoothly right up to closing.
He will go out of his way to make sure every closing goes as smooth as possible.
However, there wasn't much need for him to be there as he closed the deal himself.
He never gives up and he never backs down during both the hunt and closing.
He also follows up and keeps in touch after the position has been closed.
And if he says it's going to close by ex- date it gets done no surprises.
John knows very well what are his objectives and follow them closely.
He went above and beyond to help out and ensure the successful closing.
John followed up on all their needs and we had a very happy closing.
From prospecting to closing, he was always there for him when needed.
Unfortunately, most don't even come close to his level of expertise.
He also continues to help us and was accessible even after closing.
Devoted and dedicated towards things which are close to his heart.
He's probably one of the best close-up magicians you'll ever see.
It flows so well that you never felt like he is actually closing.
You can rely on him to get things done without close supervision.
He can keep his distance, but he can also be close when needed.
He's always available, knows his stuff and gets the deal closed.
He does whatever it takes to help them out and close the deal.
He took it from almost closing to the new frontier it is now.
We look forward to closing more deals with him in the future.
Our company one can have it all and do it all but John gets unbelievably close.
Our company that, he is an impressive Salesman who is always closing.