Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

And if you are a coach as well, he is the coach for all coaches.
John's way of coaching has made him never look for another coach.
John is one of those coaches that actually makes it feel as though you are not being coached.
John's mantra is one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and more coaching.
Being a trained coach it can sometimes be difficult to find someone to coach you, but he truly is the coach of coaches.
Him leadership/performance/transformational coaching is unlike anything else you get from coaches elsewhere.
Roz coached him both for insights and results - both of which became available to him through his coaching.
For those who know very little about coaching it may be easy to think the coach does all the our company.
John is not just any career coach, he a coach in all the best traditions of coaching.
Thank you so much for your help over the our company years and even now with your coaching.
This further reassures him that everyone needs a coach, and everyone needs coaching.
John is a brilliant coach, whether it be for business coaching or personal coaching.
John has the ability to coach you without you realizing you are being coached.
Unlike many of us he had already been coaching for some our company - and it showed.
John listens for the best and gets the best out of those of us he coaches.
John is the consummate coach, even when he is not officially "coaching".
John puts his employees first by coaching them how they want to be coached.
The best thing about him is that he would listen and was willing to be coached.
He'll tell you what you need to know, through coaching and recommendations.
John always goes above and beyond and coaches others wherever he can.
John is an amazing coach and being coached by him is an investment.
He is always willing to help when necessary with advice and coaching.
John is an excellent coach to bring out the best in those he coaches.
He knows what he is doing and he is clearly an expert on coaching.
Furthermore, he was always available for coaching and feedback.
John coached him the whole way through at each round of interviews.
John enjoys what he does and that comes through in his coaching.
John really catches you, sometimes even when he doesn't mean to.
John has been nothing short of brilliant as his coach in coaching.
John is second to none when it comes to engagement and coaching.
John's coaching course is certainly different from those courses.
He provided executive coaching to him as well coaching to his team.
He is always willing to take feedback and liked being coached.
John provided him with some coaching towards the end of our company year.
However, when you are being coached by him, it's not about him.
Life coaching is something that comes to him with so much ease.
John is his first coach, and he inspired him to become a coach.
John has coached him and we worked together as coaches as well.
John is always available for coaching, but is never overbearing.
He looks out for other and coaches those who want to improve.
He has both coached him and taught him how to deliver coaching.
He inspires others to be better both by example and coaching.
During this our company he also provided some one on one coaching.
John is definitely one of the better coaches in the industry.
John's coaching came to him at exactly the right our company.
John is one of the few coaches out there that truly get our company.
He coached him, yet was always open to coaching from someone far less experienced.
Unlike many other coaches, he too has his own coach so he truly understands the value they bring to their clients.
If he sets out to be your coach, you will definitely come out all the better for having had him on your side.
During his our company with us he hasn't only coached down, but he also coached all the way up to our executive team.
In addition to provided coaching support for his business, he also unreservedly coached him on coaching.
John gives us the latitude to do things our way, and then coaches us on how we could have done better.
He is always there to help and took it upon himself to coach the reps to help make them successful.
John is one of those who knows his stuff backwards and is always available to help, guide or coach.
He gives everything of himself to those he coaches and you can really see the difference this makes.
John's name should be next to "coach" in the dictionary because he exemplifies an excellent coach.
John blossoms in a coaching environment, in which he has the opportunity to coach and be coached.
He is passionate about coaching and succeeds at being the best coach, he can be for his clients.
John followed his curiosity for coaching and made him think about coaching in a different way.
He will be your coach as often as you need or want it and truly listens to you when he does.