Coach Operator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Coach Operator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John coached many operational leaders within our organization.
His coaching has made an important difference to our operations and results.
Being coached by him is like being coached by an old friend who is holding all the possibilities you cannot see in their hands.
He receives coaching very well and is also a good coach to others.
John is a profound coach for all women since he operates completely from the heart.
He provided the necessary guidance and coaching as and when required.
John is the coach for the person who believes he does not need a coach.
He is incredibly compassionate and encouraging and is certainly operating in his area of strength when he is coaching.
His passion for coaching others to reach their potential and the integrity with which he operates.
The coaching he provides, whether as feedback from assessments or as a coach, is direct and on target.
His operation is well run, his people well coached and personable.
John embodies this philosophy in everything he does - whether that be coaching, sales, or operations.
Not only he does 'coaching for living', he is also someone who 'lives coaching', by practicing the basic tenets and values of a good coach.
He not only coaches with incredible success, he inspires all who encounter him to operate at their highest possible level.
John knows what it takes to run a successful operation and is a great coach.
John also operated well as a trainer and coach for employees at many levels.
Him coaching style has been an example to him in the power yet simplicity of his questions and most definitely him presented throughout the coachings, which could only be described as pure.
John provided him with invaluable coaching that ultimately helped him launch his own coaching practice.
He gave valuable coaching that that the client used to measurably improve their operations.
He provided lots of value right out of the gate on our first coaching call.
He challenges where necessary, but coaches well when guidance is required.
He coached us on what to wear, our makeup and hair, and how to pose.
His coaching through these transitions has been very valuable to us.
He wants what's best for all parties, which makes him a great coach.
John started & led our coaching chapter in the initial phases of the initiative, orchestrating how we would operate as an agility coaching capacity.
John also has an incredible ability to coach his team to operate to their maximum potential.
He coached the teams that now operate this new infrastructure with great satisfaction.
John is a coach who takes the success of those that he coaches personally.
John's coaching has enabled him to operate his business more profitably and efficiently.
His operational proficiency and motivational coaching style makes the entire organization better.
He operated in his role like a coach: motivating, challenging and cheering on his players.
As a mentor, coach he is especially impactful and his journey of coaching with him has been transformational.
He's hired and coached talented people and solved many operational issues.
John helps them see what else is possible and encourages them to take the risks that they never would have taken without his coaching.
Support has been always available, but this felt more like coaching himself and peers towards the right outcome.
However, the real value for him was the afternoon workshop where we could have hands-on coaching.
It's not just who he is mentored and coached by, but those who follow in his footsteps.
Training and coaching came naturally to him, which was witnessed first hand.
John also provides one-on-one coaching for military men and women.
He would never drive his subordinates instead he would coach them.
His guidance & coaching have always put him in the right direction
John is pivotal in coaching him to become a top sales operative.
He operates at a deeper and more profound level than most coaches, which is a tremendous asset.
John mediated and coached us in our unique positions and created a great operating agreement.
He brought great strategic thinking, coaching, and operational capabilities.
His recent experience with him coaching and counsel was truly amazing.
John received coaching well and excelled in all his endeavors
His devotion for coaching others to create their vision for their practice is unmatched in the coaching world.
John provides excellent insight and laser-sharp coaching during his one-hour power coaching sessions.
Finally, he understands people and how they operate better than most and therefore is also an exceptional coach and leader of himself and others.
John coaches, motivates and inspires all of us to be better people.
But, he also provided the coaching necessary to make what could of have been a very rough transition, smooth.
John freely gives of himself in coaching colleagues in transition and this makes him well connected.
He always had his employees back and provided coaching as we navigated through difficult situations.
He coached us on how to deal with the situation, and helped us all with our transition.
Being coached and helped to see what is now obvious was not easy for him at the start.
John helped him believe in himself again with his intuitive coaching practices.
Mohini is also very willing to share best practices and coach his teammates.
John came across to him as a divine intervention in his journey of coaching.
He coached him in selling in challenging environments and against all odds.
He truly adapts to your organization needs and practices what he coaches.
Him level of self-awareness is high and this has made coaching him easy.
He can catch out the most powerful message and the gifts you have to offer.
This last characteristic has served him well in his coaching practice.
Something that makes his coaching very effective and practical based.
His coaching is always honest, respectful and, above all, practical.
He shows amazing dedication to those he coaches through transition.
Personally his coaching is laser focused and immediately effective.
Him feedback and coaching is always practical and purposeful.
He introduced, coached and guided him through his day to day.
John is his golf coach at our company, our company for one year.
John's coaching has been invaluable in helping him brainstorm with various aspects of his business operations.
His coaching has clearly mapped out a course of greater business success for him and his operation.